Living in the House of the Lord

Posted on February 24, 2010


Hello Readers,

My first official blog, and what better subject than my first week in Organic Church. The bride of Jesus. The reason He created in the first place. The ekklesia. I moved to Gainesville, FL. from Dallas, Tx. three weeks ago to experience Christ all over again. And what a Christ He is!

My first time in the gathering, the brothers and sisters were going over what had been revealed to them in 1 Corinthians 13. The chapter about love. As I sat listening to them share one by one over a chapter I had read many times over the past 2 yrs, I couldn’t help but notice the glory in their sharing. How natural it was flowing, how simple, yet glorious. I’m sure they could have gone on all night if need be. I looked around and noticed that no one was “leading” the meeting. No pastor, no “group leader”, no “ordained” minister was in sight. Yet this was the first time I had seen Christ so magnified in an all-to-noticable chapter in the New Testament.

After that we prayed. Again, no leader, minister, elder, or the like was “leading” the prayer. Yet pounds of truth seem to float up into the atmosphere as each one spoke. Even simple truths seemed to have more depth and weight to them than in any artificial “service”. Then, I heard a young girl, who looked to be about 9-11 yrs old, give thanks to the Lord. She thanked Him for loving us not for what we have done, but just because He can, and does. This was powerful.

After the meeting, a friend of mine who moved here from Kansas City to be a part of this too, were flooded with calls from the other men at the meeting. We were booked for the week before we even got back to our motel room. Some invited over for coffee, some for dinner, and even the families managed to squeeze us in for dinner in their hectic schedules. We shared a meals with them, talked over coffee for hours, watched movies. Their hospitality and love for us, two strangers, was authentic. They weren’t doing it out of religious duty, because “that’s the thing to do”, or any other motive except to welcome us as brothers in the Kingdom. They were genuinely concerned with our job situation and our lodging. A couple who had us over many times over the past three weeks, sent us home with plates of food! Yum!

Overall, living in the House of the Lord has been worth every mile traveled. Every sacrifice that was made to come 1,100 miles. It has been an experience of a lifetime. I hope to have many more memories with the Family of God, God willing.

But it’s not just a “thing” to add to your life. Not just an “experience” to live, or a notch to add to your belt. It’s life, and life more abundant which is what Christ promised. Living in the House of the Lord, the Bride of Christ.