Brothers and Sisters

Many times in the New Testament Paul, Peter, James, and John address the Churches as “Brethren”. John reffered to them as “children”. Both of these words are “family” words. No family, healthy family, lives alone in their own isolated worlds. The brothers and sisters play together when they’re young, help eachother through struggles as they get older. They speak with the parents together and individually. They share their lives with one another.

I am in the midst of learning this “family” concept. For so much of my young Christian life I’ve been an individual follower of Jesus. Going through struggles and seasons alone negleting the most obvious and important aspect of the NT Churches, family. I’ve been living in my own little world. Living in the all-to-popular westernized Christian life, individualism. Though I’ve gotten to spend some quality time with Jesus I missed the concept of family that the 1st century apostles emphasized in almost all their letters to the early Church.

I’m currently in a season of re-learning the Christian life. And as we all know, re-learning something is much more difficult than learning it the first time. Learning to wear my heart on my sleeve is not the easiest thing to do. Sharing my life with the sons and daughters of the living God.

You would assume this would be an easy thing to do. But with the deep imbeded individualistic lifestyle that western society encourages, it might be the biggest task I have taken on in my young Christian life. So many Christians today live this way. Getting up, going to work, go home, read their bible, pray, go to bed. They may even go to some “support groups” where they share a handful of struggles just to go home and be alone some more. For the 2 years I’ve been a Christian I’ve been doing this very thing. I could be all alone in a crowded room.

This is what’s on my heart right now. Learning to be a brother. Learning to be transparent and open. Being available for my brethren. Trying to become a servant, to serve rather that to be served. Learning that what I am going throught isn’t just MY issue, that it’s not all about ME anymore. I’m part of the Body of Christ. No longer can I isolate and struggle with my own spiritual life, but now its time to focus on others and their lives.

I pray that He shows me how to do this. To give me a heart for the saints. I pray that He gives me the heart and willingness to lay down my own interests and ambitions for Him and His children. He is worth it.



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