Dear Jesus: A Letter to the King of Mercy

Dear Jesus,

Oh Lord how I long to see you face to face, to smell your aroma, to touch you. How I long for just one glimpse, just one word from your mouth to my ear.

You are always willing, Lord. You are always here even when I’m not.

Oh how you long to know us more than we. How you desire our hearts every day and every hour.

How long must we strive Lord? How long must we try? How long till we see you Father?

I believe that day is today. Today, oh God, we can see you, hear you, smell you, touch you.

Today Jesus, I long to meet you in the garden.

I pray you give me eyes to see you, to see beyond what I consider “reality”.

I pray you give me ears to hear you, to hear more than just “noise”, but to hear your sweet voice.

Make us one, Father. One like you.

Make my agenda, your agenda. Make my plans in accordance to your plans.

Jesus, only you are sufficient, only you are enough.

Bless us with more of you, Father. Of course more of you means less of me. Increase lord, that we may decrease.


7 thoughts on “Dear Jesus: A Letter to the King of Mercy

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  1. Contagiously beautiful. As the song goes:

    To Jesus every day I find my heart is closer drawn
    You’re fairer than the sons of men
    And fresher than the morn;
    You’re all that I can say of you
    And infinitely more,
    And every day you’re dearer
    Than you were the day before

    Christianity is nothing more than a love affair with Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing Michael!


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