Last Saturday

During our last gathering with the Church on Saturday, our assignment was to pick from a long list of different names for our Lord and then either do a skit, write a poem, bring a song, do a teaching, etc. Well, I chose to write a poem on The Great Physician. I’ve decided, after much thought, to post it in my blog. This is what I wrote:

Great Physician,
Lord you heal the wounded soul.
You are the spirit of healing,
the great  physician of my mortal soul.
Even the internal wounds of my heart
that bleed out causing death,
you’re blood, oh Lord, is life.
By your wounds you heal us,
by your pain we feel joy.
Joy that comes not from this world,
or from what our eyes can see.
But from you. From your smile.
Wounds from way back, Lord,
you heal them.
Even the ones we aren’t aware of.
Thank you for healing the self-inflicted wounds and
the wounds from the world.
You see us fully, and yet you still love us!
Praise you lord. No words could ever describe your grace,
perfection, love, kindness, or the like. Not even in a thousand years.
Lord thank you.
You make the wounded whole!

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