Thank God for Jesus

Here is a recent prayer of mine. It’s a prayer and a proclaiming of Christ all in one. I hope someone is blessed by this.


Thank God for Jesus. The resurrected Christ by whom the whole world was reconciled to Himself. He had to have us. He bore the cross. He not only died for us, He suffered unimaginable amounts of pain for us. I often forget about the beating and the whips. I often forget about His bloody and bruised face. The sweat mixed with blood and dirt. The very earth He created was stuck to His sinless face. The very children He loved were sentencing Him to death. He was treated as a common criminal to a so-called “godly” generation.

Even amongst all this shame and suffering He carried and wore upon His flesh, He still allows us to run. He still allows us to resist Him and pursue other things besides Him. Only Jesus Christ is holy enough to endure such pain and suffering for a people for them to turn around and walk away from Him as though it’s His fault. What grace. What love. What mercy.

I feel a pain inside me right now. My lack of faith and belief in His mighty power is covered in grace. When we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself. When we fall down from running, when we lose our strength from chasing after the things of this world, He’s there. He gently whispers, “Are you done? Are you ready for Me?”

The hardest thing to do, surprisingly, is giving up. The hardest thing isn’t the act of doing, but to cease from doing. Oh Jesus, show me how to give up! I don’t know how, I’ve never done it on my own, not without Your grace. Save my life, Jesus. I can’t do it on my own. Write Your song, Jesus. I don’t wanna write my own.

Thank God for Jesus.


3 thoughts on “Thank God for Jesus

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  1. Wow. I, too, have found the hardest thing is to give up. Completely. Let Him do the heavy lifting. I so want to do. Thanks for the prayer and encouragement, Michael. It truly blessed me.


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