“Jesus Manifesto” Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola–Pre-Book Review

Jesus Manifesto

Tomorrow is the release of this much-anticipated book. Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet have teamed up on a seemingly often missed topic–the supremacy of Jesus Christ! I’ve had the opportunity to read about half this book so far. Lacking all the contemporary hype surrounding all the “things” and “its” of the Kingdom, this work is full of light in a deluded sea of distractions currently plaguing the Body.

I’ve read my share of Christian books this past couple years and I have yet to read a book so saturated with Christ as this one. The topic, goal, agenda, narrative, and main focus of this book is Christ and Him alone. What else could we possibly need, anyhow? If Christ is, “all and in all” why is it that we seem to be distracted with the fruit instead of the Tree–the Tree of Life, Jesus Christ.

It is, in Viola and Sweet’s words,

“A Magna Carta for Restoring the Supremacy of Jesus Christ”

I’m not usually real big on pushing books and publications other than, of course, the Bible. I am repelled by Christian consumerism that derives its roots from the worlds system. But this book is so full of light, so needed, so soaked in our Lord, Jesus Christ, I find it necessary to spread the news of this release. I would encourage Christians, whether young or old, clergy or congregation, leader or non-leader, to see our Christ revealed and brought back to His throne in this small book. Of course, no words, articles, blogs, books, or person could ever show our Lord’s glory for what it truly is.

You can get the free app on iTunes here

For more info on Jesus Manifesto visit the website at www.thejesusmanifesto.com

You can order this book tomorrow on Amazon.com. Here is a direct link to order

Or visit the Facebook page

Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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