Come and Behold My Son!

Posted on June 6, 2010









Look at all the people.

Some rich, some poor;

Some lame, some can walk.

 Some are rejoicing, still others weep.


Look at all the people.

Some can see, some are blind;

Some are loved, yet others cry.

Some are at peace, still others wrath.


Look at all the children.

Some have years aged, some are young like the fawn.

Some are found, but many are lost.

Some are quiet, still others scream!


Look at all creation.

Some is living and vibrant, some is swallowed up in death.

Some is moved, yet the rest lie dormant.

Some is eaten by the smallest of creature, still others sit at the top.


Look at the Father. Oh how He loves them all!

From the walking to the lame;

From the righteous to the prostitute.

From the depths to the heights!


He sings a melody to them all, crying:

“Come and behold My Son!

See His face upon the cross, bleeding and dying!

Come and behold My Son,

See His body within the tomb, raising and living!

Come and behold My Son!”

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