Christ and His Church…Found in Spaghetti?

The Lord can be found everywhere, including a dinner plate. I absolutely love Spaghetti. It’s so filling and delicious and it’s easy to make a lot of. One batch of spaghetti can be lunch and dinner for days, and it’s cheap. Wonderful. But today I found that I can see Christ in spaghetti too! How wonderful–the meal that I enjoy so much just became a spiritual enjoyment as well.

Here’s what came to mind as I observed each ingredient in one of my favorite dishes:

The ingredients, alone.

Spaghetti noodles are an essential ingredient in this dish, obviously. Alone they are tasty, filling, and provide nutrients the body needs. They are found in many different dishes and widely used in many cultures. But when eaten alone they always seem to missing something: Sauce!

Tomato sauce and meat (if you so choose to eat meat) is another essential in the art of Spaghetti. It’s sweet, aromic, tasty, and can vary in texture, taste, and even color. Now, if you were to eat only the sauce you would undoubtedly grow tired of it. It, too, would seem as though it’s missing something: Noodles!

Let’s use these two delicious ingredients as analogies.

Noodles, for example, can be seen as your personal, intimate relationship with the Head, that is, Christ. You can surely live a long, somewhat healthy, life on noodles alone. But eventually, it will grow bland and tired with a never-fading sense that something is missing. Something essential.

The same can go with the sauce. The sauce can be seen as hanging with your “peeps.” Fellowship over meals, relaxing and getting to know one-another, forming sisterhoods and brotherhoods. These things are seen everywhere. The world seems to have the ultimate recipe for the sauce. But it’s still missing something. Something essential.

When they come together…

But what happens when these come together? GLORY! Presto! Harmonious! Delicious!

When our personal relationship with Jesus (the noodles) meet the sauce (the church) all things are in order. The meal before you is now complete. Nothing is missing. You may say, “Hey, what about the bread?” Great question. At that point you can throw in some singing. Singing (bread) is great by itself but also seems to have a component missing. But throw a little bread (singing) into your plate of spaghetti and it makes it all the more better!

The Heat

I also noticed another essential to spaghetti. That is, heat. Before these two essentials can be made into a tasty dinner plate, they have to go through a very similar process in order to be prepared for consumption.

First, the noodles have to be boiled in very hot water for a given amount of time. This is a very unpleasant process for the noodles (if noodles had feelings). This is like Christ. He was put into the boiling pot (the cross) as an atonement for our sins. He had to suffer for a short time for “the joy set before Him”.

Next, the sauce which, essentially, is made of mostly tomatoes and meat. The tomatoes have to be boiled and deskined, cut into pieces, and brought to a simmer. The meat has to be cooked thoroughly, in heat, for taste and sanitary reasons. This too, is quite an unpleasent activity that must me done. This is like the individual members of the church. We face things that we must die to almost daily. In the words of a wonderful musician, “The cross, the cross is always ready. Every day it waits for me. Christ on narrow road our vision, Christ the everlasting seed.” Indeed it does.


This is only a small example of Christ and His church. We find everywhere, whether in nature or our daily lives, that death must take place in order for life to abound. This is certainly true in our walk with Jesus as well. I’m by no-means an expert on the subject of the cross. For I’m merely an observer. Someone watching closely to how the Lord fulfills His sovereign will. A student of what is called the Narrow Way. Anyways, I hope you are blessed by my small observation.


7 thoughts on “Christ and His Church…Found in Spaghetti?

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  1. Blessed indeed, my friend! What a tremendous account of the Head and the Body in what is one of my favorite dishes as well! Thank you for sharing this “everyday” revelation of Christ.


  2. That’s a really neat way of looking at it! Thanks for always being real, bro. It’s an awesome thing to see in you.


  3. Thanks bro for sharing this. It blessed me a lot. I appreciate your openness and honesty in sharing the Lord. I like spaghetti too, but now I like it even more.


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