The Lion Seeking to Devour

Posted on September 22, 2010


A friend of mine posted a video on Facebook today that had a guy standing in a field with a stick. All around him was tall grass. He was just standing there as though he was expecting something. Then, suddenly out of nowhere a full-grown tiger emerges from the tall grass, running full speed towards the guy holding the stick. As the tiger got closer the man raised his tiny, wooden stick in defense. The video clip quickly ended. I don’t know what happened after that but I have a feeling the guy lost the fight (apart from an act of God).

The status that was included with the video clip was an excerpt from 1 Peter 5:8:

“Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

This video is a perfect example of how we try to fight our adversary. We sit around and wait, expectantly, then we try to fight the tiger (the devil) with our little wooden sticks. Of course, we lose the battle because we forget just how weak we really are apart from Christ. I know for me, I try to fight off temptation with my own self effort, with my own strength (with my little stick). I can’t recall a single time that I have won that battle.

I tend to forget that Christ won that battle on the cross nearly two thousand years ago. I also forget the words of Jesus when he touched the issue of our self striving, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” Only in Christ is victory against the enemy found. Only in Christ can we fight the tiger as he comes charging after us from the tall grass.

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