As the Rain Pours Forth: An Observation of Water Falling from the Sky

Posted on October 12, 2010


  The Lord pours His Spirit upon the earth like the rain, saturating everything with living water. The water constantly flows, giving life to all that drink of it. The trees, the grass, the animals. Everything on earth needs the rain.

 So as the Spirit pours forth, saturating everything below it, the unbelievers (and even Christians) would rather seek refuge in houses, under umbrellas, or awnings. It seems we are too afraid of getting wet or ruining our clothes. We are afraid that we may catch a fever. We worry that the rain will be too cold and uncomfortable. This may be true, it may be very cold and discomforting at first, but as we sing and dance it goes away. The simple joy and fun we experience while playing in the rain makes us forget about the cold. After that we only get cold again once we step back inside.

 The Lord is looking for a people that aren’t afraid of what the neighbors think. What our friends or co-workers may think because we choose to dance in the rain (I’m speaking metaphorically of course). People who would rather look like fools and be completely sold out for Christ rather than being conformed to the image of what the world calls “normal.”

 So, I say, let’s dance! Let’s sing and rejoice in the rain.

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