We are in the Land; We are in Christ!

Posted on October 21, 2010


The Land of Canaan.

 In the Bible this was a picture, or a shadow, of Christ. The Israelites had to cross the Jordan River to get into the Land (Josh. 3:14-17). The crossing over the Jordan was a picture and shadow of water baptism. After they had crossed the Jordan, they entered the land and possessed it.

Now, a whole book could be written on this topic, and that’s not what I plan on doing here (I’m sure there has already been scores of books written already). Instead, I want to touch on the Land itself and go a little into what it means to be in the Land (or Christ).

So, with that said, let’s move on.

I was laying in bed last night and was thinking of how the Land is such a wonderful picture of us being in Christ. Then I started thinking of how we have the opportunity of possessing the land; exploring the Land; eating of the Land. I had a picture of a man walking for miles and miles into it. Traveling through it and experiencing all of its hills, mountain peaks, valleys, rivers, lakes, etc. And how a person can walk for decades and still never find the other side of it. How no matter if you’re one step in, or 10,000 miles into it, you are still just as much in Christ as the person who’s only taken one step.

Brothers and sisters, whether you are a new Christian, or have been walking in the Lord for decades, we are all still just as far away from ever seeing or possessing all of the land. You see, Christ (the land), is infinite. He is never-ending. He doesn’t have any boundaries or limits.

So, whether you’ve been walking in Him for a day or a decade, we all still have the same amount of time to travel into him…eternity!

The wonderful thing, also, is that the people who have been walking in the Land (Christ) for decades, can warn us of possible hardship and struggles. 

For example, 

“So brother, you’re going to come up on a steep valley. You’re going to get scared and wanna cross back over the Jordan. But the bottom of the valley will lead you to a beautiful cliff where you can see for miles!”

I hope you get the picture I’m trying to paint. The older brothers and sisters in the Lord can warn us and encourage us about places in the Land where they have already been.

Another point that could be made is this: the further into the Land you travel, the less you can see what’s still waiting on the other side of the Jordan River; the less you can see the things that used to entice you before you were baptized, before you entered Christ. So at first, those first few steps in, you can still look over your shoulder and see the other side. You can still see the shiny idols that lay just on the other side of the river. You see what I’m saying here.

So, there are literally pages and pages of things that can be written about this topic, about the Land. Because pages and pages could be written about Christ(John 21:25).  But this is just a small example.

Let’s possess the land! Let’s travel through and examine every inch, every nook and cranny. Let’s get so far in that we can no longer see what’s on the other side of the Jordan. Let’s trip over rocks, travel through valleys, climb mountain peaks…together. Amen.

We all live in Christ, we all possess the Land. It is our inheritance, our gift, our promise, our blessing. So let’s keep walking further and further!