Jesus: Rejected by Most, Accepted by Few

Posted on October 31, 2010


The Lord Jesus Christ is the Word. “In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.” The Word was made flesh and made his “dwelling” among us, and the apostles “beheld His glory.” When we get together as a church and share of His glorious riches, as every member functions, we too can behold His glory. We can see His glory in each of the saints.

Though the world was created through Him, it did not recognize Him. He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him. He came to the Jews, God’s chosen people, yet they did not receive Him. The very One that had created them, they did not receive, nor did they recognize.

The Jews didn’t recognize their Messiah, especially the so-called “experts” — the Pharisees. The Teachers of the Law didn’t recognize the Author of their Law! The most religious people of that generation didn’t recognize God in the flesh. However, there was a different breed of people who did: the Samaritans, the “sinners,” the blind, the sick, and the lame. These recognized Him (of course there were a few “teachers of the Law” that did recognize Him, such as Nicodemus). I wonder about our generation, if it’s the same today as it was nearly 2000 years ago. (I’ll leave that topic alone.)

The people that did believe were “given the right to be called children of God.” The ones that received Him became children of the living God. They were adopted as sons and daughters into the Kingdom. Each child was adored and loved by the Father. You see, us who believe and receive this Jesus Christ are “born not of blood, nor the will of the flesh, nor the will of man, but [born] of God.” The children of God aren’t of this world any longer. We’re not part of the systems of politics, religion, manipulation, social status, or any other man-made system. These will all come crashing down in the end when Christ is revealed. They will not be able to withstand Him once He is revealed. At the sight of Jesus, all things man-made, “born of the flesh,” or “born of the will of man,” will come falling down. For who can withstand Him? The only thing that will be left remaining in that day is Christ. We will be exposed; our masks and false identities will be removed. There will no longer be a “veil over their hearts.”

We are instead children of God! We aren’t only flesh and blood anymore. Instead, we are in the Spirit of Christ, we are a “holy nation,” we are marked with the Holy Spirit. Nothing we do can take away our inheritance into the Kingdom. Nothing can take away our birth rights as sons and daughters! We’re alive to God now; not man, not religion, not other people–but to God. We don’t have to strive for His love and grace. “’What are the works of God?’ Jesus replied, ‘believe in the One He sent..’” (paraphrased). That’s it. Believe in His Son, that is the works of God. That ought to be freeing.

We are Christ’s inheritance. Of all the things that Jesus can possess, He chooses us. “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints…” (Eph. 1:18) The Word, that was with God, and is God, His inheritance is in the saints. So much for an inferiority complex with Christ. So much for that “I’m not worthy” prayer. Truth is, we’re not, but in Christ, we are.

“The Law was given through Moses; grace and truth through Jesus Christ.” The earthly, human element that causes us to think we must have many good “works” to please God has been obliterated by Christ at the cross. We no longer stand in His presence stained, dirty, and evil (or even human). We stand before Him, clean, holy, loved, righteous; we stand before Him as Christ stands before the Father. Nothing that we have done, or will do, has brought us into this standing with God, it is what Christ did by the shedding of His blood. For we are clothed with Christ’s holiness, righteousness, and glory. Not a glory of our own. When God the Father looks upon us, He sees the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

“…grace and truth [came] through Jesus Christ.” It’s not that Jesus came and gave to us a good moral code, or another strict law of commandments on how to be full of grace and truth. No, instead, Grace and Truth came to earth, died on a cross, rose again on the third day, then “made His dwelling” within us. You see, Jesus Christ is grace; He is truth! “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6) The Law, the “written code that was set against us,” the “certificate of death,” has been overcome and crucified with Him. He abolished the Law with it’s codes, regulations, and the “do not handle, to not touch” mentality. Instead, we are covered by grace. This grace isn’t limited to our works, or anything we can ever accomplish. It is given to us freely.

Jesus Christ is, was, and always will be Messiah. Sent by God, in His very essence God, to redeem mankind, to adopt us, fallen, broken vessels into His glorious calling. To live by Christ. To make Him the Author and Perfecter of our faith. To feed and partake of Him. To give and to serve Him. To give us His infinite love and mercy, so His love would return to Him in the form of a people: the Church, the Body, the expression of Christ on the earth today; living, breathing, growing, and heavenly.

This is our “high calling,” to express Jesus Christ on this planet. To eat and drink of Him and allow Him to have His perfect work in us. For He is the Word made flesh! He lives now and forevermore. He is eternal!

He is Jesus Christ…