Love’s Unity

 I received an email from a friend today with this post that was written by Kathy Marie Huff. It’s beautiful. Enjoy.

More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ, and may be found in Him, not having my own righteousness…Phil 3:8-9

I often feel as though I know so very little.

You know what amazes me so? To know Him is far more than we can ever possibly imagine. To know Him who is the perfection of Love, the only Reality, true Life and Love beyond the meaning of the words—A measureless distance beyond all apprehension of any words ever invented, spoken or written. There is no end to knowing Him, nor limit to His depths. Experiences are endless in the intimate union of Jesus Christ. He calls us, He beckons to lift us to ever increasing heights of His Love.

To know Him is always a new and unique merging wherein I lose myself in Him. I have only a small expression to say of knowing Him: It is as though I look into the eyes of profound Love, and I melt into Him; as His love, glory, and truth absorb me, we become one.

He takes us into His Love in order that we may fully live in Him, and He fully live in us, until we as One, become perfected in Him. An intimacy so supreme that our hearts become one heart within His infinite depths of love.

Our senses delight with His touch, and we are forever changed. Oh no! There is no turning back after such an intimate loving union of Life, because no greater value exists than Jesus Christ Himself, and He lives in us and we, him! May we ever hunger with continual longing to know Him with increasing intensity—A deepening personal totality of One, an ultimate intimacy with our Lover, Jesus Christ our Lord.

One spiritual Love envelopes even the hidden aspects of our lives, nothing within us He leaves untouched. He loves not from a distant place, absolutely not! He is here within us, He is Love Who involves the very core of us, every facet of our beings become entwined within Him and one another.

In our Father’s heart is the Life Who is ours to live. We have been chosen in Jesus Christ before the foundation of the world to live Life as His bride. Her name is Ekklesia, and she is real, because Jesus Christ is real. He embraces her with His Spirit, and loves her within the most profound Reality. He draws her into Him with vigorous desire, and she reaches for her Lover with the freedom of organic vitality as the fires of His Love burn within her heart. The Groom and the Bride become One Life in the unparalleled climax of Love’s Unity!?

After this writing, these questions beckoned my thoughts:
Why do we become overburdened with the worries of this world?
Have we yet to fully accept Jesus Christ Himself as our Love, our Holiness, our Righteousness, our Life and our Identity?

Author, Kathy Marie Huff

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