We Have Come to the Mountain of the Living God

Posted on November 8, 2010


Jesus Christ is the Mountain of God

In Exodus, Moses would go up to the mountain and speak with God for the people at Mount Sinai. God warned them that no one besides Him and Aaron were allowed to even touch the foot of the mountain lest they be struck down. Mount Sinai was the place where Moses communed with God. It’s where He spoke and gave His commands.

This, of course, was before Christ had been revealed and established the new covenant making every believer a priest and minister. However, Mount Sinai was another picture, or shadow, of the coming Messiah–Jesus Christ.

There’s a song that goes, “We have come to the mountain of the Living God, take a good look around us, what we see is what we’ve got…” At first I wondered what this could possibly mean. But then I realized, Jesus Christ is the mountain of God! Through Him and by Him we have access to the Father. We can climb the mountain, because the blood of Christ has cleansed us, and fellowship with Him. Listen to Him. Know Him.

God had warned Moses that if anyone hadn’t consecrated themselves, even the priests, they would perish if they attempted to “force their way through to see the Lord.” But, thanks to Jesus, we have been consecrated by His blood and His suffering on the cross–the true consecration. There is absolutely nothing that can prevent you from fellowship with Him. Nothing that can stand between the blood of Christ and God the Father. Not even YOU.

The second part of that line, “take a good look around us, what we see is what we’ve got,” at first glance seems a bit discouraging. It can be taken as, “So this is all I have to hope for? This life full of failure and let downs?” But oh no! This is not what it means. It means that you have Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords living inside of you. You have the Son of God and God the Son as your advocate, redeemer, warrior, and friend. So who, or what, could possibly stand in your way? Nothing, because Jesus Christ has called you friend.

Communing with God…Boldly

It is a wonderful thing to realize that we, mere broken, fallen, weak, mortals can stand in the presence of such a mighty God…boldly. We don’t have to come before Him in fear. We don’t have to “get right” with Him before coming to the throne. We can stand in His presence and commune with Him. He wants to make Himself known more than we want to know Him.

How He loves us! He that carved the canyons, created the sea, counted each blade of grass, and gave the bird its wings, the One that created the mountain, told the rivers where to flow, how He loves us! The beautiful thing is, that nothing can separate that love. Nothing can come between that love. His love is like a mighty river rushing to the sea, pulling us to Him.

Let’s climb the Mountain of God together and stand before God boldly and fellowship with Him, now and forever more! Amen.