Everything Dies, but Christ Remains…

Everything is dying.

“How long will these renters rule the earth?”

Who are the renters? Is it the devil and his hosts? Is it the non-believers with their idolatry, lust, sin, murder, greed, slander, and thievery? Or is it the system of this world; the faceless system that has corrupted human beings since Adam and Eve’s experience in the Garden? I believe it’s the latter.

Another word for this system is “flesh,” or, the will of man. Man’s will and ambition to live apart from God. To be independent of Him. The rest all have to fall into conformity with the latter.

If not for flesh, if not for this constant attempt at power and control, the rest would not have their existence. Consider this; if not for man’s attempt at independence, would the Fall have happened? No. Would greed, murder, or all forms of evil exist? No. Would the devil have any ground to work with? Absolutely not. Even the devil has to use flesh, human desires, lusts, and greed in order to perform his work. Without it, he is without any soil to plant his thorns.

This world, this fallen, broken, evil world is the direct result of a humanity seeking to live apart from God. It’s what happens when humans would rather build their own great name, rather than build God’s name.

So what does a world look like that seeks utter dependence upon its creator? The answer can be found in the Gospels. Jesus Christ, the “second Adam,” was a perfect representation of what a human’s life could be with utter dependence upon God. Jesus was fully God and fully man. He, as we know, is perfect. So in order for Him to be a perfect, sinless creature on earth as a man, He showed us what a perfect human looks like—utter dependence upon God the Father.

We know that He laid down all His powers as God and became human flesh. Even Jesus Christ, had to be baptized with the Spirit. Even the Messiah, Immanuel, “God with us,” had to pray. This was to show what a perfect human looks like. He lived by the life of God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. The good news is this: that the same Spirit that Jesus Christ lived by, He gave to us! We can do all the things that He did while on earth (excluding the atoning, redemptive work of the cross, of course).

The sad news about creation is that our God came to earth, died for us, resurrected, offered to live inside of us, yet we still reject Him. Not only is the world of unbelievers rejecting Him, but the Christians do too. I’m guilty of it. Of course, that’s a big part of our walk is to realize, “not I, but Christ.”

Instead of living by His life, instead of making Him King in our lives, we settle for lesser things; things of instant gratification, good emotions, and control. I think a major part of why God is so concerned with sin, is because He knows that it is all perishing. He knows that He has much more to offer us than these lesser things. His heart is broken that we have become slaves to these lesser, dying, and weak things of this world, and it’s killing His children. They are miserable, yet they refuse God. This is the great heartbreak of God, His children constantly running away from Him when all He wants to do is love us! Everything is dying: political systems, religious systems, kingdoms, and our bodies, but Christ remains, and He has promised us eternity with Him.

Weak Foundations

“Every knee will bow, and every tongue will proclaim, that Jesus is Lord.”

When this place we call home is gone, what will remain? Will your job still be here? Will your nation still be operating? Will your future? No. It will all come crashing down; every last brick, every single penny, every kingdom and nation. Diamonds don’t last forever, but Jesus Christ does. So why would we keep building on any other foundation other than Him?

Would you build a house in the middle of a sink hole? No, only if you weren’t planning on living there for long. If you wanted your house to stand for years to come, for your children and grandchildren, you would first be sure to have the most excellent foundation and ground in which to build. So why build your life, which is way more important, on a weak foundation, one that won’t last very long? Perhaps because it’s much easier, it’s quicker, there is less time you have to spend on a weak foundation, less work, less energy. Also, bad land doesn’t cost near as much money or time. To find good land you have to do a lot of research and pay much more money. So the cost is high to build upon Christ. It will cost you everything; it will take much work, much time, much energy. But here’s the promise, it will last forever. It will be worth it in the end.

Many build their lives on weak foundations; such as, politics, business, careers, money, success, happiness, patriotism, their nation, power, emotions, religion, and even our families. Though some of these things can be used as brick, mortar, lumber, or drywall, they are not meant to be used as the foundation. You see, all these won’t withstand the test of time.

His Heart

So be encouraged in this: Jesus Christ wants to build the foundation of Himself in your life today, way more than you want Him to. That is saying a lot. Most of us are dying to have more of Christ in us, and less of ourselves. But take that passion in your heart for Him, that glow, that fire, that love, and multiply in times infinity.

His eyes are burning for you right now. His heart is groaning to earn your heart, your trust, and your affection. Even though He doesn’t need you, even though with or without you He’s going to fulfill His purpose, He still wants you!

May we always remember this, forever. Amen.

7 thoughts on “Everything Dies, but Christ Remains…

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  1. Wow I like this one it does make me think of my own foundation and of times that I turned away knowing that it was wrong to do so love ya son


  2. Thanks for sharing this Michael. This is very clear and to the point. It’s all about Christ and He is worth it. I especially love the last point you make that He is more interested in us coming to Him and knowing Him than we are even though He doesn’t need us in that sense. He just loves us that much. Wow! What a Lord.


    1. That’s something He’s been showing me recently… That He doesn’t need me, but He so desperately wants me! And you, and everyone else, for that matter.
      Thanks for the comment, brother.


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