Why Hasn’t God Fixed You Yet?

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.” (John 15:9)

So lately what’s been on my heart is Christ’s love for us. His deep, all-consuming love for His children. Not the cliché, “Jesus loves you,” love, but the real, deep, passionate, love for us. I’m talking about the force that created the universe—the love of Jesus Christ.

There is no other explanation for the universe, animals, and human beings other than love. Why else would God, knowing that we would fall, knowing the evils we would invent, the sins we would commit, and the utter rebellion of His name, create? The answer is love. So love is the force that drives the universe. Love is the force that caused God, creator of color, light, plants, and E Minor, to come in human flesh to be lead up a hill to be crucified by His own creation. Love is a person, His name is Jesus Christ.

So having said that, when you love someone, deeply, what is the hoped for response from that individual? It is to accept and embrace that love. No one wants to be ignored by the person they love. I know for a man, when he loves a girl, the only thing he wants is for that girl to accept his love. He doesn’t want to hear from her all the reasons why she doesn’t deserve his love. He doesn’t want to hear what she has to before she can accept it. When a man loves a woman, those things don’t matter to him. Truth is, the Lord may never take away some of our shortcomings and imperfections.

It’s very easy to focus on those and be constantly praying, “Lord take this away from me!” and forget about His ever-surpassing love. The Bible says that he delights in mercy. Can you fathom that? He actually delights and enjoys giving mercy. He doesn’t find His delight in judgment or anger, but instead delights in giving us His favor and blessing.

So let us not have an inferiority complex any longer. We are saints, holy ones. The Apostle Paul called the Corinthian believers “saints.” Have you ever read the two letters to the Corinthians? They were involved in sorts of grotesque sin, yet the Lord still saw them as “holy ones.” We are set apart for His divine purpose. When we are weak, He is strong. We don’t stand free of accusation before a holy God because we happen to be really good Christians, or self-disciplined, or because we have done great things for God. No, we stand before God, right now, at this very moment, holy, blameless, and pure because Jesus Christ is holy, blameless and pure.

When God the Father looks at you and I He sees His son. He sees the blood that covers all sin. So let us accept and embrace His everlasting love! Let us enjoy the blessings of His infinite mercy and grace and no longer work on trying to fix ourselves. He will “fix” us in His own timing. He has already canceled the written code that was against us, the sin of law and death.

Accept His eternal love for you, embrace it, believe it, have faith that God loves you because of Jesus Christ loves you. All the rest will be taken care of.

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9 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t God Fixed You Yet?

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  1. Excellent points. Getting a better understanding of Gods love is what changed my life [see Eph.3:19]. Learning these other points added to help make the change in my life happen too.


  2. Very profound, I agree completely It’s funny how we try to help the Lord out,so self righteous we are lol!!! Grace is so appreciated amen amen amen.


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