The Beauty of the Foolishness: A Christmas Blog

Posted on December 22, 2010


I know a guy we’ll call “Stephen.” One day Stephen was riding in the car with his friend and was thinking about Christmas. He was wondering why we put so much emphasis on the holiday. Why we buy gifts for one another, why we decorate our homes, etc.

To him it made more sense to celebrate his death and resurrection, not his birth in a manger.

Isn’t this a legitimate question? Wasn’t the atonement for our sins, His ascension into heaven, and His outpouring of the Holy Spirit more significant than His birth in Bethlehem? Good question. Let’s continue on.

So a few days had passed and Stephen had nearly forgotten about his comment concerning Christmas. He laid down to take a nap and began to dream. His dream that day changed forever how he viewed Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

In the dream he was taken back in time to century one. He was taken to Jerusalem and heard Mary’s prayer. He was taken to the barn and saw baby Jesus in the manger and witnessed His humble birth in Bethlehem. He saw the animals, the straw, everything in great detail. Then he heard a voice saying to him, “The beauty of the foolishness, the beauty of the foolishness.”

He woke up and thought the dream was really neat. He remembered the remarks he had made about the Christmas holiday. Oh, the beauty of the foolishness.

What he learned that day was a very important lesson for us all. You see, to the world,  Jesus’ birth was foolishness. Mary fleeing to Bethlehem was foolish. Him being born in a humble manger was foolish. But to God, it was stunning and radiant beauty!

God came to earth on that glorious night in history. God Himself, in the flesh, born in a manger, was with us. Immanuel came to dwell among us. How foolish it may sound to those who don’t understand, but in the eyes of God its beauty.

Oh, the beauty of the foolishness.

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