True and Simple Devotion

Posted on December 28, 2010


It’s a common theme among Christians to focus on sin. We do it when we read the bible, when we listen to sermons, when we talk to God. Maybe it’s a particular sin or an imperfection that we focus on. That blemish in our personality or character that drives us to guilt and shame. We all have something.

But that’s not what the Scriptures speak mostly of. Jesus even said that all Scripture points to Him (John 5:39). All things point to Christ. Even sin points to Christ on the cross, because upon that cross he bore the sins of man and was victorious over them.

I believe that our focus on sin can seriously hinder our growth spiritually, mentally, and even socially. What I mean by socially is that if we are constantly walking around in guilt and shame how can we love? How can we serve our brothers and sisters? Walking around with our heads down all the time thinking God is mad at us because we aren’t perfect is not what Jesus Christ bore the pain on the cross for! Jesus died on the cross for relationship, for communication, for open revelation to all that will seek it.

When we take our eyes off of Christ by focusing our attention at fixing ourselves or becoming better Christians, we are taking our eyes off the main goal and object of faith.

The love of God is not limited to what you can or can’t do as a person. The love of God isn’t restricted or hindered by your behavior or character flaws. I stand boldly in that position. When we take our eyes off the sin and we direct our eyes unto Him, the author and perfecter of our faith, then and only then are we changed into His likeness. Not by our efforts, our strengths, nor our might, but by the “sight of peerless worth.”

So take your eyes off the sin and focus and love Jesus Christ. That is true and simple devotion.

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