If Jesus Wrote a Song

I like to think about things. I wouldn’t consider myself a “thinker” or anything like that. I’m just an average dude that enjoys a good ponder. Most of my ponders get me nowhere or leave me still confused. That’s the beauty of thought. You can think and think for hours about one particular topic and get nowhere, but on the other hand, you can be sitting at a coffee shop doing absolutely nothing and poof, some ground breaking, face-melting, eyes on fire, revelation hits you like a kick to the face. But enough about revelation and such. On to the topic…

So I was thinking one day, about music. About how Christian artists can write some of the most beautiful songs spontaneously. I play a little guitar myself (I most certainly am not a pro), and there have been times where some really cool songs pour out of my heart. I just sing or play whatever is on my heart and next thing I know a song emerges. (Note: This doesn’t happen very often. Maybe once in a lifetime or something.) But I’ve also noticed that when these songs emerge, I begin to ponder how much people will like them. I tend to forget that it’s the Lord who gave me the song anyhow, yet I still make an attempt to make it my own. I will begin to tweak it and make it sound more enjoyable to the nonexistent, listeners (I’ve never played publicly in any fashion of the word). So, after making that observation, I asked myself this question,

 “What if the Lord gave you the most beautiful, amazing, epic song that was ever written; one that would be an instant #1 hit, attract millions of people to you, and give you instant success with this one song—but He told you that you were only allowed to sing and play it to Him, alone, with no audience, no recording devices, etc. Would you take it?”

I believe this is a wonderful question to ask ourselves whether you consider yourself an artist, a writer, a painter, a musician, normal business man, CEO, house wife or husband, etc. Someone may ask, “But why is this such a good question, sir? I don’t understand, of course I’d take it!” Well, how we answer this question may tell what we are really looking for from Christ.

Just a thought. 🙂

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