Christ our Goal (and something to pray for)

Posted on January 4, 2011


A revelation of Christ. That is our simple devotion. Nothing else can be built on anything other than Him.

This may sound elementary, but it is the goal of our faith, the purpose of our salvation, and the very reason we were created. It’s when we decide that Christ’s life, death, resurrection, impartation of the Holy Spirit, and the atonement of our sins, is all too elementry and simple, that we begin to lose what we were called to. 

Once we make that subtle move of, “Okay, I’m saved now. I have the Holy Spirit, and I pray and read Scripture, now it’s time to get on to greater and greater things,” do we begin to lose ground and begin to chip away at our foundation which is Christ Jesus.

Many things have a tendency to take our eyes off the Lord and direct our attention to these “greater things”: gifts is a big one ministry, evangelism, even knowledge of the Scriptures, too. If your daily Bible reading isn’t pointing you to Christ, but instead pointing you back to yourself, then something is missing. We can never go beyond the foundations of our faith.

What a blessed thing it would be if the entire Body of Christ across the globe took her eyes off of the lesser things, even the noble things, even the right things, and instead, turned her attention to her real goal, Christ. What if for just one day? That would be a true demonstration to “power and principalities”.

That is the Church’s high calling, not evangelism, not gifts, not even ministry, but a captured and occupied heart. Occupied with the heart and thoughts of God above her own. God is ready, but is she?

Please pray for the Bride of Christ, that she may fall in love with her Lord again.