The Glory of God and the Glory of Christ


   [glawr-ee, glohr-ee] noun, plural -ries, adjective, verb, -ried, -ry·ing, interjection

4.  resplendent beauty or magnificence

Glory is essentially something at its greatest “magnificence.” A flower that has fully bloomed would be considered in its glory. A big, bright, full moon would be in its glory. The peak of autumn, when all the leaves have turned orange would be autumn in all its glory. This is one of several definitions for glory. But for this post, we will stick to the above mentioned definition. (Definition provided by

I want to take a look at the glory of God for a moment in an attempt to gain another perspective on it.

The Glory of God
      When I think of glory, God’s glory, I tend to think of bright lights, the universe, heaven, singing angels, harps, galaxies, super novas. Stuff like that. Now, these things are certainly objects of God’s glory; the proof, if you will, of the power, strength, and magnificence of the Creator.
      But I think there is something that displays all of God’s attributes all at once. The Sun can only display a limited amount of the attributes of God. That is, light, brilliance, and size. A tree can only display so much of God by its life giving, its shade, and its ability to be used to build a refuge (or a home). But there is something out there, something uncreated, that displays, expresses, and reveals all of God’s personality, character, and attributes.
   The answer? Jesus Christ.
    He is the full expression of God. A glance at Colossians Chapters 1-3 and John Chapter 1, and one will see my point. There is nothing else on earth that can display God’s power, love, mercy, patience, long-suffering, strength, or splendor better than Jesus Christ. I can’t, you can’t, and the universe can’t. Only Jesus can.
    So, like a flower in bloom, like a full moon, like the growl of a lion, when God shows His fullest glory, He shows us His Son–Jesus Christ. The miracle that He actually came in to this earth nearly 2,000 years ago to suffer the pains of the cross, die, then be brought back to life three days later, is absolutely glorious! This brings me to my next point: the glory of Christ.
The Glory of Christ
    So Jesus is, was, and will be the glory of God. So, what is the glory of Christ? When is He at His fullness? Well, I believe the answer is quite easy to find. Jesus wasn’t at His fullest when He was healing the sick. Nor was He when He walked on water; not while teaching, preaching, or washing the disciples feet. These are certainly wonderfully beautiful things that we can all experience, but it wasn’t His highest.
    His highest, most magnificent, beautiful, glorious moment was Him on the cross. Not only the dying, but the resurrection. You see, because He was “in the likeness of human flesh,” He could only be in one place at one time. He still physically couldn’t live inside of humans because He was walking around in skin and bones.
    Jesus said, “unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” (John 12:24) He was saying many things in this particular parable. One of those is our daily “dyings” to self that produces the fruit. But He was also speaking of Himself. He was the grain of wheat that needed to fall into the earth and die to “bear much fruit.” Think of a seed falling into the dirt. It breaks open destroying the seed in order for the life that’s inside to penetrate the soil into the sunlight. Over time the plant grows and then produces many seeds. Well, the seed was Jesus in the tomb, the plant was Him coming back to life and breathing His holy life into mortal man. Man being dead due to sin and transgression now mad alive through grace and mercy and the power of God through Jesus Christ. Amen.
     So, the cross is His highest moment. The cross is when Christ displayed, to the fullest, God’s main and most important attribute–love. Jesus was willing to lay down His life, His future on earth, His well-being, and even His right to food and shelter because of His love for His creation. How much more of a display of love and affection could there possibly be? The answer: none.
    Death, whether physical or the daily “deaths” we face to ourselves, is the ultimate sign of true love. Show me someone who shows his/her love with actions and death, and I will show you someone who truly knows how to love. I’d take a mute friend displaying love with actions (death) whether than a friend that shows it with only words or even gifts.
Death to bring about life–that is the glory of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Well, I hope I have provoked some thought. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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  1. Agree or Disagree? I totally agree. You declared the gospel: life comes out of death. You can’t have a resurrection without a death.. and that is true for everything in this physical world that we are in but not of. God, who is control of all things, for all things were created by Him… and they are for Him. And He has determined that everything in the physical realm will come to an end. There are seed-times and there are harvests in our lives every day… the key is not resisting Life and Him working in our lives no matter how much we don’t want to see that thing come to an end. Again, it’s our mind (our adversary) that gets in the way most of the time. Everytime we allow Him to take us down, Christ comes forth…. He will be manifested in our flesh… seen, smelled, touchable, heard, tasted… we experience Him in the physical realm… which I think is part of the reason for this “way of life”.
    Brother, if you and I are having a dispute and we both think we’re “right”, and if one of us ‘lays it down’ and allows God to take us down, then He will come forth in that situation and both of us will experience the glory of the Lord coming forth in our relationship! He is a glorious God!


  2. Great post, Michael. I totally agree!

    Ron… I love your statement ***Brother, if you and I are having a dispute and we both think we’re “right”, and if one of us ‘lays it down’ and allows God to take us down, then He will come forth in that situation and both of us will experience the glory of the Lord coming forth in our relationship! He is a glorious God!*** What a marvelous way of looking at arguments 😉


  3. Why agree or disagree? God’s truth is revealed to each person as per his / her growth and maturity in faith. This is life and life may not be understood and discovered in full until we breathe in the last breath of life. The glory of God may not be seen unless we have been struck and died within ourselves and be reborn in Christ, only then we can experience God’s kingdom and His glory (Joh 3:3).
    Your vision is true because you have experienced your own death in sin and Jesus has resurrected you to new life, hence you can describe your vision and glorify God (1Pe 1:23). Some other people and theologians may still waiting for the glorious and dazzling Jesus coming down from heaven (Mat 16:27). They may also still waiting for the glorious Jerusalem coming down from heaven (Rev 21:2). Many may still not understand why Jesus said “As you go, make this announcement: ‘The kingdom from heaven is near!’ ” (Mat 10:7).
    The vision and the experience of the Kingdom of God and His Glory may not be understood and shared by everyone in this world. This is the reason for Jesus to preach in parables (Mat 13:13). The glory of God is His Love revealed in full when His own body is hung on the cross (as Jesus has mentioned how he will glorify the Father in Joh 17:1; Joh 21:19), and those who look up and believe may be saved (pictured by Num 21:8).
    Your past experience of life, your suffering may be a failure in the eyes of people of the world, but not with God. Your entire life has a purpose in God’s plan (because Joh 16:27) and your life shall be the testimony of God’s glory for many (death and life is at work in us 2Co 4:11-15).


    1. Duc Minh Bui,
      Your comments over the past few days have been very insightful and encouraging. I really appreciate your words and your sharing about the posts. They definitely add to the posts and make them more insightful.



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