The Lion Pressing Onward

Posted on March 6, 2011


I saw the above picture a few days ago and decided to make it my background on my desktop. First of all, it’s a wonderful picture in and of itself. However, I chose it for a reason; as a reminder.

I thinks it’s a very prophetic photo of our Lord and His pursuit of the Church, His bride.

In it, I see the Lord as the lion (Jesus is often called the Lion of Judah). The Lion is in pursuit. His destination is the Church, His pursuit is her heart, and nothing will stop Him. The Enemy attempts to throw some wind and sand in His face, but that won’t stop Him. What’s a little wind and sand in the eyes anyhow to such a powerful creature?

The Lord is willing to travel and move across miles and miles of terrain, wind, and rain to reach His destination; to reach His bride, His beautiful woman to be.

I feel that right now the Lord is moving, coming ever closer to that day where He will consummate His marriage with her, the “Bride of the Lamb”. Every day He pushes onward, never stopping, never-resting. The consuming thought of having her drives Him, nothing else seems to matter but her. Nothing is strong enough to stop Him.

The wonderful part is that you, dear follower of Christ, are part of His bride. He is consumed by the thought of having you all for Himself.

Those are my thoughts on the photo, what are yours?

Below is a song about the Lion of Judah returning by Jason Upton. Enjoy 🙂