What is the Lord After?

What is the Lord after in your life as an individual? What is He after in mine? This is the million dollar question in this present day-in-age. The answer is simple. It has never changed. Not once in human history has He diverged from this goal.

Whether you are in community or not–an organic church, an institutional church, or on your own–it is the same. He is looking to reveal, express, and share His Son in you. More and more as each day passes. This is the goal of your Christian life as an individual and, if you are meeting with other believers, as a community.

In this day the Lord is not looking to raise up spiritual gurus. He’s not looking for an army of spiritual giants, gifted preachers, or highly effective evangelists. No, He’s looking to reveal His Son in you–today.

I am fully convinced that He is more blessed by a brother or sister whom He can fully reveal His Son to–just a brother or sister who is absolutely enthralled by Him, in love with Him–than an individual who saves a million lost souls, raises up a hundred churches, or writes ten books. These are all just by-products of knowing Him, not the goal. The goal is Jesus Christ being revealed on the earth. That’s it.

He is after His inheritance which is you and me–the Bride of Christ. And He will have His inheritance, you can count on that.

So get to know your Father, become a brother and a friend to Him. Nevermind the gifts, the lofty “ministries” that seem so enticing. Get to know Christ and the “power of His resurrection”. That is the goal of your walk with God, to know Jesus Christ, the Son. Amen.

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  1. It is so simple, but we make it complicated. God resists (works against) the proud, but gives grace to the humble. (Grace is free but humility is a necessary condition for being given it. After all, a proud person doesn’t need grace; he/she thinks he can do it by himself.


  2. This sounds very anti Trinity , Jesus only you can’t just forget about the gifts that the Holy Spirit has blessed us with.


    1. “For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” (Colossians 2:9 of the KJV)
      “For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body.” (Same verse in the NLT) ….and,
      “For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,” (NIV version).
      You see, Richard, all of God’s fulness is in Christ. Without Him, nothing was made that has been made (Gospel of John). Every time you see the Father speak in the New Testament, He speaks of His Son, “This is My Son who I am well pleased” (Matt. 3:17) “”This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.” (Luke 9:35). So it is actually very much PRO Trinity. Jesus Christ is all the fulness of God. When the Spirit speaks He reveals Christ, when the Father speaks, He reveals Christ, when Christ Speaks, He reveals the Father. Scripture is very clear on this.
      So what has the Holy Spirit blessed us with? He has blessed us with an inheritance….Christ. So no, my blog post was very much NOT anti-Trinity. “All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in Him” (Col. 2:3).
      Also we know that the Father, Son, and Spirit are one. They are distinct, yet one. However a glance through Colossians shows that Jesus is our all. Christ.

      So I hope you don’t think that the post is still “anti Trinity” because anything that is PRO Christ, is PRO Trinity. Anything that is ANTI Christ, is Anti Trinity….or better put, Anti-God. God is the Trinity, Jesus is God in the flesh, the Spirit is God, and the Father is God.

      Hope that clears it up :)”


  3. Dear Bro,

    This one was especially good! Amazing–it went right along with a message we heard from a brother in Illinois today!! We also forward these to friends. Keep seeking Him!
    Miss you


  4. When this truth finally set down its roots in my heart, it was the most freeing things I’d ever known. It’s really, truly, exclusively about Jesus Christ. The burden to excel in spiritual greatness was gone, and I was left with nothing but him. That’s freedom.


  5. All Jesus Christ, Amen! Why would we want to focus on anything else when we have All Himself? What else is there besides All? Yes, I know I sound rather simple, but I find in my heart the Smile of Joy who is just so simply All. Thank you bro Mike, wonderful post!


  6. Great post Michael! Indeed, Christ is supreme and He alone is our goal. Although, I do think we should pursue gifts and ministries if those are things entrusted to us. These are among the riches that are in Christ that the Spirit reveals to us. But, I think you were meant that we shouldn’t pursue them in and of themselves. Pursue Christ and enjoy and use the riches that He pours out on us in abundance.


  7. What a refreshing, simple TRUTH that uncomplicates the Christian life. I feel lighter already. Thanks for this drink of water 🙂


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