What is the Lord After?

Posted on March 12, 2011


What is the Lord after in your life as an individual? What is He after in mine? This is the million dollar question in this present day-in-age. The answer is simple. It has never changed. Not once in human history has He diverged from this goal.

Whether you are in community or not–an organic church, an institutional church, or on your own–it is the same. He is looking to reveal, express, and share His Son in you. More and more as each day passes. This is the goal of your Christian life as an individual and, if you are meeting with other believers, as a community.

In this day the Lord is not looking to raise up spiritual gurus. He’s not looking for an army of spiritual giants, gifted preachers, or highly effective evangelists. No, He’s looking to reveal His Son in you–today.

I am fully convinced that He is more blessed by a brother or sister whom He can fully reveal His Son to–just a brother or sister who is absolutely enthralled by Him, in love with Him–than an individual who saves a million lost souls, raises up a hundred churches, or writes ten books. These are all just by-products of knowing Him, not the goal. The goal is Jesus Christ being revealed on the earth. That’s it.

He is after His inheritance which is you and me–the Bride of Christ. And He will have His inheritance, you can count on that.

So get to know your Father, become a brother and a friend to Him. Nevermind the gifts, the lofty “ministries” that seem so enticing. Get to know Christ and the “power of His resurrection”. That is the goal of your walk with God, to know Jesus Christ, the Son. Amen.