Living by Christ’s Life

I am really happy about all the comments I received on that last post. All were good ideas, but I noticed a common theme: Jesus Christ. We can never exhaust His riches, especially with mere words typed into a computer (lol). I also noticed another theme: to write what the Lord has been revealing and showing of Himself. So, I decided to finish something I had begun about a month ago. Thanks to everyone who posted and gave ideas. I do plan on covering a lot of those ideas in later posts which is exciting. I can’t wait!!

So, I hope you enjoy the post 🙂 Feedback is most certainly welcomed and appreciated.


Is God in love? Yes.

Who? The Church, the Bride of Christ.

What does that mean for me, for you, for us?

The Lord God, Creator of the Universe, Maker of all, the One with all power and knowledge, is in love–with you. That’s right, you. The Divine Frustration is that He wishes to love you with all He has. He wishes to heal you, to comfort you, to talk and walk with you. But we, mere humans, are too busy trying to impress Him; trying to earn His grace, favor, and love. All the while, He just loves us– loves you, and loves the Church His Bride– exactly for who we are. He sees straight past our junk, our imperfections, our sin. He sees the truth.

Before the fall, humans were perfect and without sin (Christianity 101). We were fully God’s possession and without flaw. However, as we know, Adam ate the apple and the rest is history. However, we know that “just as sin entered the world through one man [Adam]…how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one Man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many!” (Romans 5:12-15). You see, we have a tendency as humans to focus so harshly on the “fall” and our flesh, our sin, and our imperfections. However, it says right there in the letter to the Romans, that even though sin did enter the world through Adam, life, peace, and grace entered the world (“much more”) through Jesus Christ! So it’s not that there is no more sin, it’s just that sin is now the much lesser thing compared the “surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus [our] Lord!”

I’ve seen this happen in other’s lives and mine as well: we get so hung up on the fact that we aren’t “good Christians,” or that we somehow think that God is disappointed in us, that we cry and mourn and use up so much energy trying to conquer our flesh with more flesh.

You see, we are spiritual beings. What I mean is, we’re not just flesh and bone, blood and organs, hair and nails. We have spirits. The spirit of a man is where the deepest parts of that man are located. Some call the spirit of a person their “heart of hearts,” their “inside,” or their “inner man.” This is what Scripture means by, “deep unto deep”. The deep parts of God cry out and speak to, not only our to our minds and emotions, but much more to our spirits or inner man. The deep parts of you, right now, are constantly crying out to the deep parts of God. The Bible says that “the Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children” (Romans 8:16). So there is something much deeper going on within us than just what we feel or see. This is walking by faith, not by sight. (I’m going to blog about the aspect of this in a later post.) So Jesus Christ goes much deeper than surface level!

So what does that mean for us? How does this get practical? Well, perhaps I can attempt (keyword here is ‘attempt’) to shed some light on the topic.

Here we go: the practice of not using flesh to fight flesh, not focusing on sin, and realizing that we are God’s possession is to Abide. I’ll say it again, Abide in Christ. That’s it. Allow the Lord to show His love for you. Allow Him, who is all-powerful, show you just how perfect and blameless He sees you. Allow Him to love on you.

Now, some may take this as a “God-all-about-me” philosophy and begin to wonder if this is too selfish of a practice. But if we don’t see how much He loves us, we will constantly try to fix ourselves. We will seriously lack trust in Him if we never understand His deep love for us. Read the letter to the Ephesians. Paul’s prayer was that they would “grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ”. It’s not that we begin to love ourselves more, that would be unfruitful and futile. It’s instead allowing God, who is the very embodiment of love, to live and express His life through you. This is what it means when the Apostle Paul said, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

So allowing Christ to live His life through us is the answer to all of our imperfections. The answer to any problem with sin, grieving, pain, wounds of the past, is Jesus Christ. He is enough, now and forever more. He desires to be known and chooses to do it through you and me–the children of God and the co-heirs with Christ. He chose us, the broken, weak, fallen human beings, to express Himself through. This shames powers and principalities and is the perfect example of the foolish things to shame the wise. The greatest manifestations of Jesus Christ aren’t the miracles of healing, the gifts of the Spirit, or the saving of the lost, instead, it is when Christ becomes all supreme in someone’s life and that life is shared freely with others. That, in my own opinion is the greatest expression of Jesus Christ on the earth. The other things are most certainly of Him, to Him, and by Him, so they are manifestations too. But the greatest is the love of Christ being expressed in a broken human being.

God is in love. God is love. Christ the expression of this love. He came to live inside of us, inside of you. The striving and all the effort to fix our problems or to somehow live to please God in our own strength will never work. I have yet to meet a Christian who accomplished such a task. So abide in Christ and live by His life. Cease from taking the yoke of self-effort, and partake of the Son of God.

“The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”  -Jesus Christ (John 6:29)

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  1. This is beautiful Michael. This is the secret, the mystery of the Gospel. My eyes welled up reading it. Looking to Jesus, the author, the perfecter, and the Lover of our soul is the key. As you said, Christ in us, the hope of glory. God wants to touch us with His glory, His essence, and then touch the world through us.


  2. You hit it right on the mark… this is what we all need to know, or if we think we know it, we need to be reminded of it frequently.


  3. I love the fact that you highlighted that although sin has entered through Adam how much more grace, peace and life has entered in through Jesus Christ. As David said, Come magnify the Lord with me, the humble will hear it and rejoice. Christ is bigger than we ever thought and He loves us. What a liberating and powerful truth, reality.


  4. Tried to post a comment this morning but guess I didn’t press button long enough. 🙂 Loved this article, it touched me deeply. What an awesome plan God designed for us for life and all eternity.


  5. Bro,

    This is so life giving! I appreciate you and the heart of the Lord that comes through loud and clear:)


  6. How big is our Christ Jesus? Since God Himself is Love, then how big is Love? That my dear Christ family is the Love we live, far grander and far, far beyond what our imagination could ever fathom! Our Love, our Christ, our Christ Jesus in us is expressed is the measureless grandeur of ultimate Love which never ends, never fails, and never leaves us. How big is Love in us? The word big is so very small, isn’t it?


  7. A wonderful summary of beautiful Truth, Michael. I especially like the part where it’s not selfish to allow Daddy to love us as individuals. Some have said the real temptation Adam & Eve fell to was unbelief & Satan’s biggest coup was in getting them to strive to get what they already had, i.e., being made by God in His image. Hence mankind lost that image. Now Christ has restored us in Himself our weakness can only emphasize His Glory, but if the enemy can get believers to ignore their true identity he can postpone his own total defeat a little longer. You’ve done a great job building up the Body with this Word.


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