Frank Viola’s “Revise Us Again”: Some Thoughts

Posted on April 21, 2011


Oh yes, it’s that time again. It’s book review time!

This year (and the end of last year) I have been doing quite a lot of reading. I’ve read several books during that time. Some were really fantastic reads, such as A Million Ways to Die by Rick James, The Temple Within by Milt Rodriguez, and a few fiction novels. Others were good and edifying, but nothing real jaw-dropping or notable. I’m not real big on doing book reviews because I seriously doubt that they do much good on a small blog such as this one. But every now and then I come across a book that is in desperate need of attention. Revise Us Again by Frank Viola (author of Pagan Christianity, Reimagining Church, From Eternity to Here, Finding Organic Church, and my personal favorite Church History book, The Untold Story of the New Testament Church: A comprehensive guide to understanding the NT epistles and letters) is one of those books.

Revise Us Again is one of those rare gems that seems to fall from the sky into book stores. It’s a small book, only 162 pages with 10 chapters and an Afterward section, but it’s rich with content and indeed, rich with revision.

The book’s focus is seen in its title– spiritual revising. Revising in our language and semantics as Christians, in our attitudes to other believers with differing doctrinal beliefs, in our view of the Lord’s voice, in the “felt presence of God”, etc. Viola writes in a conversational style and carries a much lighter tone than some of his other works.

Many of the points he makes in Revise Us Again are much-needed and the whole Body of Christ could benefit from this book, whether you meet within the organized church, or choose to meet in homes.

It is easily readable in only a couple of sittings (I read it in about 3), hard cover so it will last in case you need another dose or “Revising”, and very edifying and even encouraging.

The aroma of Christ and His all-inclusive spirit are found in abundance in this book.

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