Enjoying Christ

Christ can be enjoyed. I know for me this isn’t something that comes easily. I’m a “do-er”, I have the hardest time sitting still and not doing anything. I’m always thinking, always doing something with my hands, always theorizing, etc. It never stops for someone like me.

Now, to American ethics and morals this may sound like a good thing. And I’m certainly not saying it’s a bad thing. But often, when it comes to things of Christ, it’s not always a good thing. Instead, it’s often a hinderance of growth. I wear myself out with doing and thinking and trying. Every time the Lord gives me fresh revelation of Himself (a new aspect of Christ or a deeper intimacy with Him) I take what He shows me as though it is a tool He is giving my to use. Almost like He is saying to me, “Michael, here is an aspect of Me, now put your human hands on it and use it for this or for that.” This is utterly wrong on my part. If I come to this conclusion, then I have misunderstood our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have learned, and strongly believe, that God will never give us something of Himself as a tool for our own human effort and striving to use for the “good”. No, He shows us things of Himself for that very reason–to show us more of Himself. That’s it.

This line of thinking is completely contrary to our typical mindsets–especially in the United States. We are often times a people who are all about production and numbers. We measure church “success” by how many souls are saved, how many attend our church, how good the pastor is at convincing us that we need to act better, how many sins and imperfections in character we have overcome.

So how does God measure “success” in a person’s life? Easy, it is how much of His Son is being expressed and manifested in that individual or church. Not how much of His Son is trying to be expressed by human effort and will, but how much love for Jesus Christ. Love for Jesus isn’t measured by how much striving and trying we do to please God. It’s not measured by how much emotion you feel about Him, how much zeal you may have for His workings. No, it is measured by trials, by death to self, by just how far you are willing to go to know Him better.

The holiest words Paul the apostle ever uttered were, “That I may know Him.” (Phil. 3:10 NASB)

That is what a captured heart looks like. Not by how many “crusades” we’re willing to go on, not by how many blogs we write, books we publish, messages we preach, sins we overcome, or how many souls we save. No, it is that we may know the Son and that is our only aim in life; our only goal in waking up every morning.

Christ can be enjoyed as we get to know Him, as we rest in Him, and as we let go and trust Him. We don’t have to put our hands on things any longer. The Father sent His only begotten Son to put His hands on your life. Trust His hands. Love His hands. For they were pierced for this very purpose.


I can’t wait to know Him better!


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  1. Wow! Keep up the doing nothing and knowing Him! I know He will do His work in and through you by His own strength and power for His own glory and honor.
    Praise Jesus!


  2. This word isn’t glamorous but it sure is glorious. What I mean is the flesh wants to do and see such big things for God (glamorous) but God is more interested in us knowing Him (that’s glorious). So much of my christian life has been seeking the glamorous but as you put it the nitty gritty is knowing Him and how glorious that is.


  3. Much agreed.

    Even in James 1:22 where it says to be “doers” of the Word and not merely listeners, the Greek word there for “doers” is “poietes” from which, of course, we get poets & poetry. And it means to make, form, fashion, mold, author, declare, etc.

    This suggests to me using the “Word” not in a utilitarian sense of work or human effort, but in the sense of expressing Him creatively, artistically, with enjoyment & pleasure. In other words let “Word” which indwells you come out expressing Christ as only you can uniquely do. Don’t hear who you are in Christ, and forget about it, but let that create your true identity.


    1. I like it Dean. That is good stuff. There are infinite creative ways to express and share Christ. In fact a lovely sister in the Lord Kat Huff began writing poetry after she got saved. She isn’t a poet but she said it just comes to her and it really exalts the Lord and is beautiful.


  4. There is that word again, “trust” and this word has been prominent in my heart for awhile now. This “trust” is what we lack when we cannot rest in Christ. This resting “trust” collides with pride and we cannot have both “trust” and pride. It is one or the other, trust eliminates pride. To trust means we rely upon Christ for all things. This also included to know Him, to reveal Himself in us, and the list could go on and on…..

    Trust is also considered as confidence. Where is our confidence? It can only be pride that behaves as though it has more strength, ability, and intelligence than the Almighty Son of God. Most would say, “I would never think that of myself!” but is that really true if we do not trust Christ enough to rest in Him and allow Him to be the doer through us? Yes, pride thinks much of itself, but would never admit it is wrong in doing so.


  5. Bro, I really appreciate your heart and passion to abide, rest, and live by Christ’s life. It comes through your words in every post. Blessings:)


    1. In this season, for me, I’m learning that’s all I can do. I’ve tried for several years to “do” and “try” and have always failed. I’m ready to relax and enjoy Christ! I’m ready to lay down my life and my “doing” for Him. But of course, this is a life-long process


  6. great post bro, this also resonated within me, the Triune God is all about enjoining ‘one another’ and it their passion to have the community expressed ‘in’ us, and for us to join ‘in’ with them, to flourish and thrive in this fellowship with them and with one another.

    thanks for reposting!


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