To the Younger Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Posted on June 11, 2011


I would like to say a few words to our brothers and sisters in Christ that are of high school age and younger. As some may know, before I came to the Lord in 2008 I was a drug addict and knew nothing of Christ. But by the Lord’s grace, I was allowed into the Kingdom with open arms. I spent my high school years doing whatever I wanted to do, indulging in my own lusts and desires. I had not a care in the world for others, for God, or for my future.

So with that in mind, I bow low to my brothers and sisters that are still in school and are standing strong in the Lord. High school and jr. high school are, in my opinion, the hardest places to follow the Lord. There is so much pressure from all directions to be what everyone else is, to give into what others think of you.

There are those who don’t understand us (Christians), and try to make sense of it by making jokes. But it’s only because they haven’t yet discovered what you have–the living Christ that gives life and is an abundance of grace and mercy and love.

The Lord sees your faith, He sees your daily walk, He knows you by name. What you sow now at such a young age, you will reap so much more at a later time! You won’t have to take the route some of us others have had to. So continue to stand strong in Him, I promise you, it is not a waste of time. Draw close to those who are believers just like you, draw so close to them…you’re going to need them.

Don’t give in. Don’t ever give in to the pressure and continue to stand strong. The Lord is with you.

I’m not saying these things as an adult to convince you to behave “more like a Christian”. I will never do that. I’m saying these things as a person who had to take the hard route, the lonely route, the route that almost killed me. I wasted many precious years of my life on myself–don’t do what I did. I’m still after 3 years of sobriety in Christ, trying to recover from my past: spiritually, mentally, and physically. It will be much easier for you if you stay strong and draw close to Him now rather than later.

If you are of high school age or younger and are already walking with God, I will say this in utmost honesty, You are stronger than I am or ever was. Much stronger. So keep it up, you will be happy you did it when you become older. I wish I would have.