The Freedom We Already Have…

Posted on June 20, 2011


In that past, while dealing with sin in my life or imperfections in my character, I would strive so hard to earn my freedom. I would beg God daily to free me, to set me free from bondage. I labored so hard to be “renewed” in mind, in my actions, and my daily life — all to little avail.

I tried so hard to be a better Christian and to live by example at work and in the religious programs I was involved in at the time. But I realized something very profound. Something that was very scary at first and may even sound crazy: I cannot live the Christian life. I cannot “obey” the commands of Christ that are listed in the Beatitudes. And I have never met a person that could…on his/her own.

For those people who maybe can live the Christian life without any problems, they need not read this. But if you are like me, extremely weak, then perhaps this will be of some assistance to you.

People like us need to live by Another’s life–not our own. We need someone else to live the Christian life for us and in us. That “Another” is Jesus Christ.

Why would Jesus, knowing our weakness and our falleness, make such demanding rules upon us? The Law of Moses is already impossible for any human being to follow. That is why the Israelites needed to make annual sacrifices to the Lord by the ministry of the Priests. And then here comes Jesus Christ, fully man and fully God. It seems while reading the Gospel records that He added to the Law, or even made following the Law even harder and more impossible.

“You have heard it said…”

Why did He do it? Because He has complete confidence in Himself. His plan was that He was going to be living inside of His people. He knew full-well that we were not going to be able to obey such rigorous commands…but He can and He does.

So it’s not a matter of getting “set free” from a particular sin or imperfection or shortcoming. No, it is a waking up to the freedom we already have in Christ!

Because of Him, we are free, we are already holy and blameless. Because of Him we have true unity with the Father, with His Son, and with His Holy Ghost. He has truly been made “one flesh” with us. He has married us and committed Himself fully to us.

Remember that. If we constantly turn to Him and rely on His strength, we will begin to wake up to this freedom that we have already inherited.

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