The Great Diversion and the Reality in Christ

Posted on August 16, 2011


There is a great diversion of our attention in this current time. It’s subtle, easy to fall victim to, and even has a sense of spirituality attached to it. But it’s a set-up to kidnap our attention and keep our eyes from Jesus Christ. It’s something that we may all, and perhaps all have, fall victim to. Christians are the main target because the inheritance of Christ is rightfully ours, but even non-Christians are deceived and led astray by this.

So what is this great diversion? It is this: that we are more apt to believe and see the dark forces of this world than we are to see that the Light of Men, Jesus Christ, has taken His residency inside of us by the Holy Spirit. We are more quick to see where someone may have a “demon” or an “evil spirit” than we are to realize that the Holy Spirit lives inside of us; that we have the God of all creation living inside of us, moving, working, and speaking!

TV has glamorized this diversion. Such shows broadcast, investigate, and seek “encounters” with dark spiritual forces. Some Christian circles have made it an art form, a formula, to casting out demons and evil spirits.

Many of the sons and daughters of God, upon hearing that someone is struggling with health issues, mental health problems, financial problems, family relationship problems, can immediately point out the devil’s work. They have eyes to see the “powers and principalities of the world” at work, but they are blind to see the “deposit guaranteeing our inheritance in the age to come”, the Holy Spirit.

Why is this such a distraction? Why is it so easy to see the devil but so hard to see the Holy Spirit? It is because anything that can divert our attention to Jesus Christ, even spiritual things, will be used to rob us of our inheritance in Him. In Christ all the “riches of knowledge wisdom” are hidden. Our inheritance as children of God is that we may partake and enjoy these riches. The Holy Spirit’s function is to reveal Christ and His infinite riches. But if we can be diverted into thinking we have anything less than everything (because all things are hidden in Christ, especially our lives), the enemy will certainly use it.

I often wonder what it would be like if every believer, every son and daughter of God, were to take the energy and faith (it takes faith to see the unseen) in the dark spiritual forces (i.e. demons, evil spirits, the devil, etc.) and instead deposited that energy into the fact that Christ, by the sweet Holy Spirit, dwells within us. It’s a stated and undisputed fact that we have a deposit of the Holy Spirit living inside of us, guaranteeing our full inheritance in the coming ages when Christ returns to claim what is rightfully His. We have the Light burning within us, directing people to Christ. We have the all-consuming fire of God that will and works in our lives. Our words can be His, our lives can be His to use and manifest Himself. But we will never fulfill this if our attention is spent on the exact opposite.

Be aware that I am not stating that there aren’t dark forces working in the world. In fact, the kingdom of this earthly world belongs to our adversary. But for the Christian, we dwell in heavenly places with Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6). We are not of this world.

So turn to the God that lives within you and see yourself, your inheritance in Him, and be not diverted. For everything that is in Jesus Christ has been given to us–the children, born not of flesh and blood, nor the will of man, but born of the Spirit.