What I’ve Learned in Organic Church: An Introduction to a Series

Posted on January 10, 2012


A few of the saints here in Gainesville, FL got together before the holidays and decided to share what we’ve learned thus far in Organic Church. So in the coming weeks we will be sharing with you what we’ve learned by posting articles on each of our blogs.

We were “established” as an ekklesia in August, 2009. A few of the bloggers that will be sharing have been here from the beginning, others joined later. But most of us have been meeting this way for at least a year.

I designed this a couple of years ago

The reason we started this series is to share with others what we’ve learned; which includes our successes, our failures, our good-times, our hard-times, and through bitter-sweet experience. You’ll find some stories to be quite humorous, others quite sad. You may find some inspiring. But we hope, above all else, that you will see Christ in a new way…or at least in a larger way as we wish to express Him to you through our experience in Organic Church life.

Please note: The series includes only what we’ve come to discover by experience. This series is not meant to be a “rule book” or a “how-to” to Organic Church Life. Also, please be aware that we are still learning what it means to have Christ as Head in our group. We are, by no means, experts on the topic. However, experience does outweigh book-learning and theory by a hundred-fold. In fact, most of the books written on the topic have been learned by experience, not theory.

Below is a list of all the bloggers that will be participating. For now, it only includes the saints here in Gainesville, FL., though we hope to include others in the future (it really depends on how this series goes). I have spent much time with the brothers and sisters listed below. They are truly saints of gold and I would do anything for them. Also, the revelation of Christ that each one of them carries is unique, carries depth and weight, and is invaluable. I am truly blessed to have them as brothers and sisters in Christ. I have the best friends on earth.

The posts will be one per week from a particular person. Don’t worry about trying to find out who is writing in a given week, I’ll be posting the link and title here each week, as they will be doing the same. I’d also encourage you to go and subscribe to some of these blogs…they are golden.

Tomorrow, I’ll be starting the series with a post titled, “Just Let it Go!”. So be looking out for that one. Hope you enjoy!

**UPDATE: The first post will be titled, “The Difference Between Brotherhood and Buddyhood”.

Meet the Bloggers of Gainesville (dates posting):

R.C. Babione (2/29/12)

Brigette Babione (2/8/12)

Nathan Burgman

Jackie Dukes (2/1/12)

Marc Hardy (1/25/12)

Mark Lake (1/18/12)

Seth Roach (2/15/12)

Tobias Valdez

Carrie Walters (2/22/12)

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