What I’ve Learned in Organic Church: The Latest Posts

The past 3 weeks for me have been extremely busy–lots of changes to my life have been made over that short time period. I may be explaining in more detail at a later time…

But, in case you were unable to catch the latest 3 posts from this series, “What I’ve Learned in Organic Church”, I have them listed here. And let me say this, there are some amazing stories/insights in all the posts thus far, as I’m sure there will be in the coming weeks.

Enjoy 🙂

Earlier this week: Seth Roach: “Turning to the Lord as the True Source to the Christian Life”

Last week: Bridget Babione: “The Lord is Able”

Week before last: Jackie Dukes: “Just Say Yes”

Below are the intros to the previous posts.


This week Marc Hardy writes on his experience in Organic Church. The title of the post is, Desperation for the Lord. 

It’s a beautifully simple article. Please read it and subscribe.



Wow! Last week’s post, “What I’ve Learned in Organic Church: The Difference Between Brotherhood and Buddyhood” surprised me by the amount of readers and responses. I appreciate everyone that read and shared that post on their social media pages. It was the busiest day on my blog thus far.

Today, Mark Lake writes on his experience in Organic Church. He sent me the draft last week and I’ll just say that it’s a must read. It’s along the lines of how we share and explore Christ together as a Body in the ekklesia.

Check it out HERE. Also, if you get a chance, I’d encourage you to explore some of the other posts of his from the past. Mark is full of insight and wisdom that he shares freely and in terms that can be understood. I’ve known him for about 2 years now, and his humility and wisdom make him a vital fixture in the church here in Gainesville, FL.

Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned in Organic Church: The Latest Posts

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  1. Newer forms of church are worth exploring. When you explore them, however, you will eventually come to a fork in the road. In one direction is the same sort of institutional behaviors that you thought you’d left behind, and in the other direction is the purity of living for Jesus without trying to “have church.” When you reach that fork, I hope you’ll choose the latter.


  2. Hey, Michael. Hope everything is OK. I’m always blessed by the simplicity and honesty of your posts and have been missing them.


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