I’m Back! (and a few words and announcements)

Hello all. As I’m sure you’ve probably realized, I’ve taken about a year off from blogging and even my public Facebook and Twitter accounts. I honestly didn’t mean for it to be a year, it just sort-of happened. In fact, my absence was indefinite, and I even considered shutting down this blog for personal reasons. However, I saw that my writings were still getting read and shared by all of you. That really encouraged me, so thanks!

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing what I learned from a year of not blogging. 2012 was quite a year for me, both emotionally and spiritually. It was probably the hardest year of my life, thus far. So I can’t wait to share what has come out of that.

As it stands now, I will be writing on a few topics like the love of God, the acceptance in Christ, the freedom that comes by dying, the slavery of legalism, and the dangers of following man. So I’m pretty excited about that.

Not writing anything public for over a year is very difficult to do, as I’m sure you writers out there know all to well. It’s in our blood to write and share thoughts and ideas with others. It’s also difficult writing privately because there is no one there there to critique or to reprove your work. It’s like writing into a vacuum. Now, don’t misunderstand me, here. There is a time and a place where we lay certain things down in order for them to be crucified and resurrected. About a year ago, I felt this death to writing, but now (hopefully), it has been resurrected! My style of writing and my approach to certain topics will be…well…different. I look forward to seeing how that will play out. im-back

So, I’m proud to announce that I’m back (in the saddle again) 🙂 .


I’ve started a new writing project that is shrouded in an experiment. It’s called Ink Withdrawal: Musings of a False PoetIt’s going to be short excerpts from different fictional characters–different scenes in time. I’m looking for people to contribute with continuing the story, sharing any thoughts or insights, critique, discussion, and sharing of any emotional responses to the story. WARNING: It is not going to a blog like this one, it is going to a creative outlet for me and others. Most posts will be rated G or PG. There won’t be anything graphic in the stories, just adult situations. I am very excited about this! Click the link above to see an example and see the rules for commenting.

I want to personally thank all of you subscribers, readers, and those of you that share. It has been an honor to write before such a great and encouraging audience. So thanks, all of you!

2013, here we come.


16 thoughts on “I’m Back! (and a few words and announcements)

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  1. Good to have you back, Michael. Looking forward to the upcoming posts. Good and more abundant comes from times of pruning and dormancy. I’m sure we will be blessed by the things you will share.


  2. I like your writing style genuinely enjoying this website. “A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing.” by Hesiod.


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