A Statement of Our True Identity (and the flu of the church)

“You aren’t, but I am.”

If you have been a Christian for any length of time you may have felt the Lord saying this to you one way or another. Now, this is a very true statement, and I know for me, He has said it many times. He seems to say it to me almost weekly (at least). However, I find it easy to be caught up on the first part of the sentence and forget about the second half.

We see the “You aren’t…” and we panic; we freak out, we walk around in shame beating ourselves up because we can’t seem to do anything. We hear the words of Jesus ringing loudly in our heads, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” In that phrase, we often only see the second part of the phrase, “…you can do nothing,” all the while forgetting that Christ…is.

“Apart from Me” is the key part of the sentence, not the “you can do nothing.” However, because we tend to have low self-esteem and a polluted and distorted view of how God looks at us, we only see the negative. We only see how worthless (we think) we are. But to God this isn’t true.

Then there is the topic of humility. We tend to think that if we see ourselves as worthless, the scum of Jesus’s sandal, then we are just being humble and that this is how we’re supposed to look at ourselves. Religion and the “god” we were introduced to as children has a lot to do with this inaccurate perception of ourselves. No, true humility is this: though we are sinners, though are actions and our own righteousness are but filthy rags, we are dearly and wholly loved and His actions and righteousness are in us. Not only are we loved, but Jesus likes us. He likes our personality quirks, our little imperfections, and the things that make us, us.

The Body of Christ Has a Flu

I feel as though there is a bug going around Christianity, a flu-like bug that is contagious and hard to cure once infected. That is, many believers think they have to act like the next guy, have his/her same personality traits, gifts, talents, language, etc. in order to be accepted by God (and by others). God does not want a bunch of robots running around saying, “Does not compute!” after every character flaw of another individual comes out. Or a machine that says, “Oh praise God!” when he/she is really angry or upset at Him. This is a lie and a facade many people put on to look more holy or to try to convince God that they are holy.Flu Virus

There is no lying to God, for He sees what really is going on; He sees us as He created us. Anything that attempts to deny us of who we are in Christ, our true identities which are unique to us, is not of God. The attack on our true identities is probably one of Satan’s largest and most effective deceptions.

What’s the cure? Good question. It is simple, but could take decades to fully realize: Discover and enjoy our true identity, no matter the cost. This is why we need other believers around us that have eyes to see the Christ that is in us and choose not to attempt to stifle that.


-Michel Young

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  1. Very interesting concept – and I agree….
    False humility is a lie, and not of God- you see that many times in the church, with every word spoken from some members, when they preface their every statement with, “I will try…” or “I always fall short but….” like they have to tell it ahead of time that they fail God every way — every day, but, they TRY. I’ve been to concerts where every time a new song is introduced, they say, “We will try to sing this song….” so sometimes I expect off keys or feedback from music- when they sound like angels and all is perfect…then it’s irritating.
    Truly all we do will fall short, but God isn’t through with me yet, and He leadeth me- to where and what He wants me to be/do/etc. All I have to do is follow and be obedient, He will clean up my messes, if I will just give it the effort as He instructs me. Life is a journey, as is my walk with Him.
    I hope you make a part 2 of this blog- this seemed to open a door, then leave me waiting for more- which is a good thing…you caught my interest, now I wanna see where it goes!


  2. The understanding I got from The Lord is very simple..Christianity in its true form is a divine life that can only be lived out by a divine being..I’m not a divine being so I need to accept who I am and let him live his divine being out of me using my humanity..that’s exactly what Jesus did in his human body.


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