Your Actual Identity Part II: Powerful in Weakness (Nathan Burgman)

Today’s post is from our brother Nathan Burgman. Click here to read his blog.

Nathan is one of my best friends. I have learned so much from this guy, and I think you will too.

Powerful in our Weakness

Faith implies helplessness. When we come to a point in our walk with the Lord where we can’t do something out of our own strength is when faith happens. Think of it as if you were going to a dentist, you can’t do anything to make sure that they do a good job without messing up your teeth. You don’t know how to use the tools they use to do what they do, and you don’t understand the terms they use. You just have to trust that they know how to do it and, in this situation, you’re utterly helpless. This, if you will, is how we have to become with our Lord–helpless.Paul_thorn_in_the_flesh_persecution_harships_suffering

If you find that you are trying to carry on in your own strength, and you’re getting utterly worn out from the process, it’s probably time to let go and realizing that Christ has to do whatever you are trying to accomplish. Think of Paul having the thorn in his flesh. He pleaded with the Lord to take it from him, but here is the main point: In our WEAKNESS/HELPLESSNESS his power is made known.  The thorn in our flesh is able to keep us unto God. Just like Paul if we didn’t have those helpless moments, we would be tempted to exalt ourselves.

Thank God that he reveals to us our weakness to keep us in Him; that we become aware of our utter dependence upon him. Otherwise we, like Eve eating the apple, would try to become like God so we know the knowledge of good and evil. We must die to ourselves and pick up our cross on a daily basis, so wisdom= willingness to yield so that it can have its way in us–that we would abide in the vine and live by his indwelling life.  Sometimes the very thing we despise is the very thing that provides safety from the world and from ourselves. This produces  a faith that cannot be moved.5

Read Nathan’s Blog

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