Your Actual Identity Part III: Chosen (Heather Proctor)

Posted on March 28, 2013


Today’s post is from Heather Proctor. Her honesty and transparency speaks volumes about this topic. I hope you get out of it what I did. Enjoy.

Check out her blog some time, you won’t regret it :).


In Ephesians, Paul reminds the church that Christ chose them before the foundation of the world.  He chose them to be holy and blameless and he did so in love.  Because of His great love for us, we are chosen.  We have been picked, called out, named, held dear. enjoyed.

If I’m honest, and we are being honest, I’ve always struggled with this one.  My head knows it but…  You see, I was always chosen last for any sports team I played on.  Even with my family.  I was not chosen to be on the volleyball team in high school, I was asked to go home.  There are very few boys who have chosen to ask me to go on dates with them. And my dad often chose work or my step-mother over me.  So when I read that I have been chosen, I don’t feel as I have experienced this in my  life.  However, what I have come to experience is that often feelings lie.

A lot of my time and energy has been spent trying to make myself feel a certain way. I have been trying to obtain something I already posses.  In Peter’s letter to the church, he tells them that we have already been given everything we need for life and godliness. (II Peter 1) All that we need is found in Christ.  This Christ dwells in us – individually and corporately.

Trying to be something or get something I already have, well, it’s pretty exhausting.  It involves a lot of doing and searching and laboring and for what?  Something I already am, already posses, already own.  If you live in a house which is beautiful and perfect for your needs and has plenty of room and is abundant in giving and receiving love -why are you trying to find a bigger, better house?  You are already in the perfect one!  But we do it, don’t we?  We need to ‘keep up with the Jones” next door–so we look for something better.

By doing so, we believe our peers we will like us and we will feel more accepted and not rejected. And although this acceptance of others is a shadow of the acceptance given to us by Christ, this shadow is not more important than the reality. We do not need to give more weight to the shadows. They may feel more real, but they are not.

Are you trying to obtain something you already posses?  Are you trying to do something to make yourself better? Or is there freedom to just be?  You are chosen, holy, set apart, held dear.  You were chosen before the foundation of the world was spoke into being.  Before the words ‘let there be light’, you were part of the family, His family. There isn’t a better family out there!  Paul tells the church in Coloissians that because they were chosen, they were given a new life, a life unlike their old life and although others may not see it; it exists. And it’s from this unseen life we live and love. (Col 3)

Reality is – you and I are chosen.  May we will live from this truth. May it seep into our very pores and ooze out of our existence.  May we be a confident people, knowing that nothing can or will destroy the immense love of the Father.  May we learn to live as a chosen people.

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