About Michael Young

Michael was born in Cleburne, TX in March of 1989. Not raised in the church, Michael became a Christian in May 2008, a short time after sobering-up from a drug and alcohol addiction.

me1Michael stayed clean and sober for nearly 5 years. During that short time, he was part of a couple of different organized church programs, but shortly moved to Gainesville, FL to be part of a house church movement that some call Organic Church. There, he learned how religion and performance based Christianity can be toxic and do not magnify the Person of Christ. He learned how all members of the Body of Christ are called to minister and serve the Lord–not just the clergy.

However, in 2013 he began drinking and using again. Within months, he was homeless, living life on the streets. He thought he could run from God but he wound up running right into Him in the end.

Now he is sober again and given his life back to Jesus. Here he now not only writes on his experiences in Organic Church life, but the reality of the evils and sufferings of ‘the streets’ and how, especially there, God can be found and even made known.

Michael’s passions lie in writing, reading, music, graphic art, and social media marketing. You can pretty much peak his interest in any conversation if you mention Ernest Hemingway, Bleu Edmondson (a local Red Dirt Country artist), John Steinbeck, Jason Upton, or Kurt Cobain.

Find his page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/aticblog

Twitter: www.twitter.com/m_s_young

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