What is Needed in Our Time–It may not be what you think…

I think there is something very essential and valuable missing for many of God's people in my generation. It is the greatest gift ever given to mankind and something that can be attained by any and all believers in Christ. Not only can it be attained, but you and I were brought into His glorious Kingdom for... Continue Reading →

The Great Diversion and the Reality in Christ

There is a great diversion of our attention in this current time. It's subtle, easy to fall victim to, and even has a sense of spirituality attached to it. But it's a set-up to kidnap our attention and keep our eyes from Jesus Christ. It's something that we may all, and perhaps all have, fall victim... Continue Reading →

As the Rain Pours Forth: An Observation of Water Falling from the Sky

  The Lord pours His Spirit upon the earth like the rain, saturating everything with living water. The water constantly flows, giving life to all that drink of it. The trees, the grass, the animals. Everything on earth needs the rain.  So as the Spirit pours forth, saturating everything below it, the unbelievers (and even... Continue Reading →

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