A New Fire for Christ

If you have read the About Me section of this blog, you will know that I recently moved from Dallas, Tx., to Gainesville, Fl. to be part of what is called "Organic Church." We don't have a pastor, paid clergy, programs, a big budget, or a building. Nor do we meet on Sunday mornings. We... Continue Reading →

Unknowingly a Blessing

I was talking with my landlord this afternoon. (Me and a friend rent out a room in her condo) She was telling me her story and the things she's been through the last few years. She has been pretty ill these last few years up until recently. There was a point where the doctors didn't... Continue Reading →

Last Saturday

During our last gathering with the Church on Saturday, our assignment was to pick from a long list of different names for our Lord and then either do a skit, write a poem, bring a song, do a teaching, etc. Well, I chose to write a poem on The Great Physician. I've decided, after much... Continue Reading →

Brothers and Sisters

Many times in the New Testament Paul, Peter, James, and John address the Churches as "Brethren". John reffered to them as "children". Both of these words are "family" words. No family, healthy family, lives alone in their own isolated worlds. The brothers and sisters play together when they're young, help eachother through struggles as they... Continue Reading →

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