Why are We to Bear Fruit? The Answer May Surprise You

We've all heard the verse where Jesus describes a good tree bearing good fruit. And we've all heard countless preachers, books, blog posts, and general conversations where the topic was this of bearing fruit. It seems many Christians today are consumed by the alleged need to bear fruit. In fact, there are also many who have... Continue Reading →

Book Review: “The Pastor Has No Clothes!” by Jon Zens (Updated 8/16/11)

The modern office and role of the “pastor” (or minister, in some circles), has a fixed place in the minds and hearts of believers and unbelievers. Even the atheists and members of other religions recognize the pastorate as being a necessary fixture in the church. But does it have any Scriptural backing in the New... Continue Reading →

Independently Dependent

As followers of Christ, we are both dependent and independent. We are also independently dependent. What do I mean by that? It's simple, really, but easily missed or forgotten. First and foremost we are completely dependent upon God (or at least we should be). I know for me, I can't seem to wake up in... Continue Reading →

The Glory of God and the Glory of Christ

glo·ry    [glawr-ee, glohr-ee] noun, plural -ries, adjective, verb, -ried, -ry·ing, interjection –noun 4.  resplendent beauty or magnificence Glory is essentially something at its greatest "magnificence." A flower that has fully bloomed would be considered in its glory. A big, bright, full moon would be in its glory. The peak of autumn, when all the leaves have... Continue Reading →

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