How the Truth Sets Us Free

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:32 NIV) This is a common saying among many believers and non-believers alike. I've used it many times. Though, to be honest, I just thought it sounded good...and spiritual. You know, Jesus said it, so it must mean something. But I... Continue Reading →

What God Enjoys Most (Part II of the Enjoying God Series)

In Scripture, we, the church, are described in several different phrases: the body of Christ, the ekklesia, the assembly, fellowship of the Firstborn, and a few others. But one particular phrase I’ve kind-of always had a hard time with (up until recently) was Bride of Christ, or the Wife of the Lamb. Namely, because I... Continue Reading →

Food, Joy, and God: How to Enjoy God

Lately, I have been struck deeply by a part of God’s nature that it is literally transforming my life and walk, both in spiritual matters, and in “day-to-day” matters. It is the nature of God’s pleasure and in His delightfulness. There is a vast, and indeed infinite, amount of joy to be experienced in His wonderful, boundless love!

Another Poem

I am young. I am unwise. I don't always fit in. I can't sing, dance, or write a beautiful symphony. I'm not a poet. I'm not an author. I'm not an artist. I'm not well known. I'm not famous. I'll never be on TV. I'm not preacher. I'm not a scholar. I'm not a leader... Continue Reading →

A Prayer

Lord, I wanna know you. Not in the cliché or the rhetoric. I wanna know your heart. I want to see You. Lord remove the things that keep me from You! Even if it hurts. You're worth it, Jesus. You're worth every second of my life! You're worth it! May I only praise You the... Continue Reading →

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