Unknowingly a Blessing

I was talking with my landlord this afternoon. (Me and a friend rent out a room in her condo) She was telling me her story and the things she’s been through the last few years. She has been pretty ill these last few years up until recently. There was a point where the doctors didn’t give her much time to live. But she, thanks to the Lord, got a really good specialist that gave here a fighting chance. She still struggles with pain a bit but for the most part, you’d never know she was ill. Or that she had been on her death-bed recently.

So she was telling me about all the things that were happening in this very home up until my friend and I moved in. Apparently there were some people living here that were taking advantage of her and yelling, screaming, etc. She went on to tell me how, in her own words: “Things just got real hectic around here. There was never any peace no matter how I tried to approach the situation.” She told me she had been praying for some other Christians besides herself to move into the other vacant room, how she was even praying that as she made the ad on Craigslist for the room. She said within 5 minutes I called her asking about the vacant room. It was as if we were an answered prayer.

Now for OUR side of the story. My friend and I, having just moved here from different states(I from Texas, him from Missouri) were staying in a motel room frantically searching for a place to stay. Needless to say the motel room was getting old quick. We were trying our best to get a place together because he is a seasoned veteran when it comes to relocating for the Lord. I, on the other hand, am not. Days went by. No places were willing to accept us both, seeing as how we couldn’t afford to get an apartment, we were just looking for a single room to share. We decided to give it one more day, this was Saturday. After Sunday we would be splitting up to get places on our own if needed. So, first thing Sunday morning, after NO luck getting a place for nearly a week, I turned on my laptop and searched on Craigslist one last time. About 4 lists down from the top was the listing for my current residence. I gave her a call and we came and looked at the place. It was nice, it smelled good. She even offered to buy us 2 twin sized mattresses, sheets, and blankets. What a blessing! It was a Godsend! So obviously we took it. 

So back to the original story. According to her, after we moved in she claims all the yelling and screaming from the roommates ceased. The guy that had been harassing her had begun to be nice, and polite to her. We didn’t do anything, we didn’t even hardly speak with the guy, we were just there. All this time up until today, I thought she was a blessing to us. But it turns out that we were being just as much a blessing to her! This was most certainly not intentional. We didn’t have to strive or DO anything to be a blessing to her and the home. Just our mere presence was a blessing. Now obviously this had absolutely nothing to do with us and our behavior or “our” presence. It was all the Lord, working through us, and because He lives in you and me, it was as if Jesus Himself had showed up to her house to rent a room! Funniest thing is, is that we DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT!

My point is that God will usually use us without any effort on our part. We just listen and go where He says to go. Do what He says to do, and He WILL use us. Of course He will! He loves to. It got me thinking though. Had we had known we were there for the Lord to bless her, we would’ve probably put some self-effort into it. We would’ve tried to force things that He was already doing. I begin to think of how, maybe, just maybe, we all decided to quit trying to force things with Gods children. If were to just listen and obey, how much more useful we would all be. That would automatically cut out any/all self-effort and self-will. Now I’m not saying that intentional ministry is a bad thing and we should all quit. No, I just wonder how much more would be accomplished if we all took a little more time listening instead of doing. What if? As a wonderful brother and artist once said, “What if we just take our hands off  of people?”. He was asking, essentially, the same question I’m asking now. What if, dear brothers and sisters? What if? The Lord has used unbelievers to speak to me before. They were most certainly not trying to push their own agenda, they own plan or method. They were merely speaking the very words of Christ. And these were unbelievers, how much more so will He use us, dear children of God? What if?

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

John 3:8 (NIV)

Make us like the wind Lord.

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3 thoughts on “Unknowingly a Blessing

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  1. BOY!!! I am SOOOO dang proud of you! This blog brought tears to my eyes, made me clap my hands because YOU GET IT!!! OMW man do you get it! I am totally blown AWAY by what our Father is doing in you and with you! And you are right kiddo, God doesnt use us because of our ABILITIES,but because of our AVAILABILITY!!!
    Keep it up…no matter who says what…keep it goin kid!

    Your Aunt Mendy


  2. This is wonderful. God really is AWESOME and works in ways he only understands. His spirit is with us always.


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