A Prayer

Posted on April 25, 2010



I wanna know you. Not in the cliché or the rhetoric.

I wanna know your heart. I want to see You.

Lord remove the things that keep me from You! Even if it hurts.

You’re worth it, Jesus.

You’re worth every second of my life! You’re worth it!

May I only praise You the rest of my days.

To gain You is to lose everything.

Yet, to gain You is to gain everything!

I don’t understand You, Father.

I don’t know You, but You know me.

Even when I think I know You, You astonish me again!

Only You are worthy to be lifted up!

May I rejoice only in You!

May I rejoice in the fellowship of Your joy, your salvation, and even Your sufferings.

May I rejoice in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God the Son!

Wash me, oh God! Wash away the stains of walking through mud.

The mud of this world. The filth of my own doing.

Strip it all away, until all I have is You!

Strip away the man-pleasing. Strip away the self-generated ambitions!

Strip away my kingdom, until only Yours remains!

Knock down the walls I have created until only Yours are left standing!

Take them away, brick by brick!

Destroy the pillars I have built in my heart until it collapses.

Do this until all that’s left is You!

Establish Your Kingdom in my heart, mind, body, and soul!

Destroy it all in the name of the Lord!

Sweep the dirt off the paths of my feet!

The very dirt, I myself, have thrown there.

When the wreckage is complete, leave only Yourself.

May the ways of the world flee my mortal soul!