I’ve Had Enough of Myself

I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of living for myself; living by my own life.

Daily, we come up against two options. They are very much distinct, and very much the opposite of one another.

The first is self. The natural tendency to get what I want above all the others; for every decision throughout the day to be made on that basis: what I can get out of this or that.

The self-life doesn’t always manifest in bad or negative things. Even good things. For example, I can (on my own accord) try to be less selfish. I can try to be patient with people. I can try to show kindness to everyone and love my neighbor as myself. But if I do these things on my own power, I will most certainly fail…every time.

So what’s the other option? Well, it is most certainly the best and the most fulfilling, and yes, even rewarding of them all! This one is to live by the Life that is in Christ.

What ever do I mean by that?

You see, I am not patient. I am quite possibly the furthest thing from patient you will ever see. I am not kind. Even if I am kind (on my own strength) it is for selfish gain, so you will be kind to me. I simply cannot love you or anyone else, especially my enemies!

But the difference is that Christ, the Son of God, lives His life in and through you and me if we simply allow Him to do so. (I will say that there is an aspect of self-denial here, or better put, an aspect of the cross in our lives. But that’s a different topic for a different day.)

Christ is patient. Christ is kind. Christ loves His enemies as well as His brothers and sisters, daughters and sons. That is the glory of the gospel. Not only do we become saved by His work on the cross, but He comes to dwell inside of us! Not only are we ourselves clean because of Him, but He says, “My child, I crucified you 2000 years ago. You died with me. So because you are now dead, live therefore in Me.” (See Galatians 2:20, Romans: 6:4-10, 8:11)

If I allow Him to live His life through me, then all the striving and effort to be a good person, be patient to others, show kindness to people, and love others as myself, will cease. I will then begin to rest in Christ. Then and only then will I understand the meaning of, “Come to Me, and I [Jesus] will give you rest.”

True rest is found only in Christ. Amen.

15 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough of Myself

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  1. We can accept salvation as pure grace, but then we tend to think that from now on it is me and God. God and I will complete the work together.
    Yes it is God and I, but only God can do the needed work inside of me, it is not like we work together side by side. God has to change me from the inside out, it is His life inside of me and through me that can make the needed changes- and only God is able to make changes of eternal value. God is the one completing the work started, I just open up and allow Him to be God in me, God for me, God through me…

    A precious reminder we need often since we so easily get caught up in self… thank you!
    May God bless and fill your day and heart with life and love, joy and peace, strength and power!


  2. Thank you! It’s very true that for most of my life I did things that were “right” only for selfish gain. It’s when Jesus does them in and through us that any good comes of it and He is glorified!

    I just wanted to say that you have shown me a lot of things about Jesus that I maybe would not have known or would’ve taken years upon years to see so thanks!


  3. A fine read bro! Do you know beacons my heart on a daily basis? I can do nothing, but only Christ in me. The Father is in Christ, thus Christ does not act independent of the Father, because they are the ultimate “One Another” the ultimate Unity. It is only by means of the One Another in us that the flesh is revealed and then dealt with, dealt with within the body. Only within the body of Christ we are crucified to our flesh daily. And also were crucified within the body of Christ on the cross as to the old creation and born anew in Him. The body of Christ bro! Just as Christ has many views so is the body of Christ, us.


  4. I humbly thank you brother. How often we need to remind each other and be reminded. It’s not about me, it is all about Jesus – the reason we live. Truly, “in Him we live and move and have our being.”


  5. Thanks Michael. I consider not being able to love others “naturally” kind of a gift, in a way. When I cry out to Him out of my weakness, He says “in your inability to love, I will be your strength (will love through you)…..and it will feel like you, but you will know it’s Me.”. Christ living, loving through us….it removes a huge burden that He never meant for us to carry.


  6. Mike this is so true. I am not feeling Christ’s love because of my circumstances weighing down on me, however, that does not mean that I do not know that he is there and he loves me and is with me through all that is going on. I can rest assured that whatever happens in my life Christ is true to his word and he honors it.
    He is carrying me and for that I am grateful.


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