What is Needed in Our Time–It may not be what you think…

I think there is something very essential and valuable missing for many of God’s people in my generation. It is the greatest gift ever given to mankind and something that can be attained by any and all believers in Christ. Not only can it be attained, but you and I were brought into His glorious Kingdom for this very purpose. It goes much further than just redemption and atonement. Though we will be forever thankful for this wonderful gift of being completely clean and spotless before God because of the Blood of Christ, that’s only part of the glories of being a child of God!

Yes, an infinite God has much more to offer than just redemption. His love is boundless, limitless, and so is His blessing! By blessing I don’t necessarily mean material blessing, for material blessing, though wonderful to receive, is very shallow–it lacks the needed depth. No, the real blessing is spiritual, eternal, and only found in Christ Jesus.

So what is it?

It is what Paul called “the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints” (Ephesians 1:18). Yes, you and I, as believers in Christ Jesus, have a glorious inheritance! Not materially, for say, (though some certainly do receive financial blessing) but a spiritual blessing. We lack absolutely nothing that is in Christ because He has freely given us Himself.

In Colossians we read that, “For in Christ all the fullness of Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ…” (Colossians 2:9). Not only does all the very fullness, depth, riches, boundless mercies and grace of God dwell in Christ, but you and I, dear brother or sister, have been given that very fullness…in Christ.

“We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us.” (1 Corinthians 2:12)

Oh how many prayers ascend to the Throne of needing more patience, more love, more this and more that! We pray so earnestly for more righteousness and holiness. But it never seems to be attained. Why is this so? Why won’t God honor our earnest prayers to be better, more loving, more holy people? Because He has already given it all to us in the form 0f a Person–Jesus Christ! There is now no longer any need for more of anything, because He is the very embodiment of those things. He is our righteousness, our peace, our holiness, our patience. Not only is He the very embodiment of them, but He has come to express His life, His mercies, His love inside of us. That means that when we are in need of more love, He can be found faithful to express His love through us. If we are in need of more patience, we can take Christ as our patience. We can move out of the way and allow Christ to express and manifest His life, not ours, in and through us.

“It is because of Him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God–that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption.” (1 Corinthians 1:30)

In this day, in this current time, the Body of Christ does not need to be more loving, patient, kind, etc. etc. No, the need in our time is to know and to be awakened to the very Life that is already there. It is not that we need to ask God daily to send down more virtue from Heaven. No, He already sent Virtue down from Heaven, already gave Love, already revealed Patience to us in a most glorious Person–Jesus Christ.

Love and Virtue and Righteousness walked the earth in the form of a human being, fully God and fully Man. And He died on a cross, bearing our sin and shame. He sprinkled His blood upon us to cover our sin and even nailed it to the cross with Him!

But that’s not all…

After He died, three days later He was raised to back to life. This Man was crucified–the most brutal and shameful of all ways to die–and was beyond death. He didn’t die for a few minutes or even a few hours. No, He was dead for three whole days. Science will tell you beyond any doubt that anything that is dead for three days is beyond being brought back. So when He was fully dead, fully gone, He came back to life, resurrected! Hallelujah!

But that’s not all…

After He came back from the dead He ascended back into Heaven and sat at the very right hand of God Almighty. He conquered not only sin and law, but death itself!

But no, that’s not all…

After He was ascended into Heaven He asked the Father to send the Holy Spirit to us, and the Father said, “Yes.” His Holy Spirit not only came down from Heaven, but came to dwell in the creation. The Creator of all came to make Himself completely united with His creation. Yes, infinite God, who has all knowledge and power, came to live and be united with finite human beings–broken, beat, sinful, weak. By uniting Himself to us, the weak, He made known His infinite mercy and grace.

What does it mean to be united with God? Here’s an example: What happens when you unite chocolate syrup and milk? You get chocolate milk, right? Can you then separate the milk from the chocolate? No! It is impossible to do so. You don’t take a drink of that delicious chocolate milk and say, “Wow, this is some good milk!” No, because you can no longer taste just milk. Nor do you say, “This chocolate is great!” For the chocolate and the milk are now one, so you enjoy them together. (Books could be written on how this can be seen in the expression of a Church in community.)

You and I, dear sister or brother, are united with God through the Holy Spirit. This isn’t just something that we agree to as a doctrinal stance. Though many have made it just that: a theological agreement to a list of truths presented in the Bible. But it can be made to be something that we can experience, see, touch, and taste. It is something that is not only objective, but subjective to experience.

So, we need not ask God to give us His inheritance (that is unless you haven’t already asked Christ into your life, for this experience can be yours too!), for He has already given it fully. No, we need only ask Him to open our eyes to what’s already there. To awaken us to the Life that is in Christ Jesus and that, because of Him and Him alone, is now living inside of us!

Please, Father, awaken this generation to see that we already have everything in You, for You have given all freely.


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  1. Great write up, bro Michael!
    It is a different way of heart to understand that asking for things of Christ, patience, love, etc. is actually so very shallow, as shallow as asking for material things! The desire of our hearts should and always be the Person of Jesus Christ, who is all. In Christ the fullness of all such things are already ours, if we are in Him and He is in us. I often wonder why the Life of Christ in so many of us is unrealized. Could it be that some of us consider Him in heaven, instead of the reality that Christ is alive in us? He is truly alive and living within us, and us together. So many of us seem to have our dreams floating in the beyond somewhere, yet Christ is alive in us. To seek anything other the Person of Christ Jesus means we have lost our focus, our reality, our identity, Christ in us.


    1. Kat, I think that’s the main reason. We tend to be more apt to see Him as in heaven sending down commands that we’re supposed to follow and never mess up. We can easily agree that our sins have been cleansed but we lack in sufficient faith that we also have everything else that we need in Him: holiness, wisdom, righteousness, spiritual blessing, the Holy Spirit, etc.

      Thanks for commenting, sister


  2. You bring this truth with such clairety. I am so greatful to have been satturated by the measure of Christ within you, so rich and so full. Thanks brother for being obedient to His call, by Loving Him with all your heart mind and soul. You are a blessing brother Michael!!!


    1. I really appreciate the kind words, brother. Thank God for His infinite grace and mercy! That He would allow a person like me to write about Him is evidence enough that He is full of love.


  3. Bro, this truth you shared here will revolutionize many lives. Well written, and essential for all who are in Christ to grasp! Thx for writing this!


    1. All for Him, my brother. I sincerely hope and pray that this reaches, not just the minds, but the hearts of many children of God. I’ve been praying for this post to do just that. Of all that I’ve ever written, this is the one that I’m the most hopeful in causing a stir in the Body of Christ.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing this bro. What a wonderful way to describe that we already have everything in Christ. The reality that we are united with Him and that we can experience, see, touch and taste Him. May this generation be awakened to the reality of Jesus Christ.


  5. Yes! May we know Christ not as a broker of blessings, but as the very life that we live by. All things are in Him. Thanks for writing, bro.

    Now, can somebody get me some chocolate milk?


  6. Oh, that was refreshing, Michael! Interestingly, the word for “inheritance” in Eph 1:18 is “kleronomias,” which carries the idea of a “lawful entitlement.” The word “kleros” means “lot” or “inheritance,” and we get the English word “clergy” from it. All the saints complete in Christ are the “clergy” of the Lord. Thus we see the tragic turn of events that occurred in the second & third centuries AD when “clergy” became attached only to those elite who were “ordained” and set apart from the “laity.” No wonder the priesthood of all believers was lost by 250AD! The visible church divided what the Lord had joined together. Instead of all believers expressing Christ as “clergy/laity,” vital “ministry” was connected to the “clergy” while the “laity” passively listened in the pews.


    1. “Lawful entitlement”–interesting. Makes me want to learn Greek!

      Yes, I believe if we were to see the inheritance that we ALL have in Christ we’d begin to lose more and more of our current language and titles (i.e clergy, laity, pastor, etc) and the sons and daughters of God would rise up and we’d see an amazing “building up of the Body in love”. But we will never achieve such a vision until we realize what has been freely given to us, the saints, or holy ones, of God!

      Thanks for commenting, brother


  7. Great read Michael! I ponder on Kat’s question, why the life of Christ n many is unrealized. Lack of faith I think is the most correct answer I can see. If you don’t really know and believe that you have ALL already, Christ’s Life in you, then you go looking for those things. We really want those things, especially such as patience, love and the like. We often don’t see those thing in ourselves as we would like. So we ask for them not realizing we already have them! How to let them manifest, that is the rub. I know I get impatient and frustrated sometimes, as do we all I’m sure. I would love to have all those virtues all the time, but i don’t, because my old nature pops it’s head up once in a while.


  8. Lack of faith is certainly one reason…maybe the biggest reason.

    But the way to make those things manifest is by focusing and chasing after the embodiment of those things–Jesus Christ! However, we need brothers and sisters around us to push us on in the “good race”. They help us keep focus and keep us level-headed. They also assist in feeding us Christ when we get hungry.

    Thanks for commenting, sister!


  9. Such a right on article brother! And it’s interesting how you speakt of what “your generation” needs because I read the other day how many young people have changed their college majors and something they always dreamed of doing, because of the economy and switched to another major that would make them the most money. It seems now that what so many young people talk about is in the context of wealth, but do not know the infinite wealth of our wonderful Lord, the riches of Christ Himself. It seems that this young generation is looking for wealth in all the wrong places. Yet, Christ living in you bro and speaking through you, will stir them up to seek riches that will never decay. Great article here!


    1. “The infinite riches of Christ Himself” Amen. That is just so true. Yes, true, very true. But I have been quite astonished to meet several young people like myself who are completely sold out for Jesus Christ–not movements, or things, but Him. Especially the brothers and sisters here in the church I meet with. Most of them are better Christians than me, which is a fresh breath of air from where I came from.

      It’s def hard to find


  10. Great truth brother! I really enjoyed your illustration of the chocolate milk. It made me think about the chemistry of ‘solutions’ vs ‘mixtures’. When you mix sugar with a liquid, it becomes a solution; meaning it’s agents are chemically bonded to one another and cannot be separated. In essence, the two agents are one and are now a new creation. Compare that to what comprises a ‘mixture’. When you mix salt with water, the agents do not chemically bond, therefore, through a process they can still be separated. Interestingly enough, Jesus said ‘we are the salt of the world’ -a mixture, not a chemical solution. Couple that with His invocation for us to ‘come out and be seperate’ and one may note why the tradition of merging or mixing Christ with the world system has failed in raising up disciples that are truly a new creation.


  11. J-rust, I was thinking the cocoa poweder in milk is probably a suspension … so chocolate milk may be a solution and a mixture. 😉

    Michael, great read. It’s so simple allow His Life to work as you said “We can move out of the way and allow Christ to express and manifest His life, not ours, in and through us.”

    I followed the link on Jamal’s facebook post to get here. Keep up the good blog!


  12. Love your chocolate milk analogy, I was just thinking how the syrup usually sits at the bottom of the glass and requires a good stir before it fully combines. Blog on 🙂


  13. Excellent! It is great how you have taken a spiritual truth and expressed it in non-theological terms (most folks are good at expressing in “christianese” but few understand it!). Religion has so clouded the Truth of the gospel so that many just mindlessly gaze off into eternity hoping just to be able to make it to their “mansion” the preacher promised them if they prayed the prayer. The Truth of the gospel is JESUS. The Life promised in the gospel is JESUS. And the Way to get this Life is – you guessed it – JESUS.

    Thanks for allowing God to speak through you, brother.


    1. And you are right on, my friend–Jesus Christ IS the Gospel for He is the good news…or should I say GREAT news!

      Yea, I do my best to stay away from Christianeze. It really takes away from some posts that I’ve read in the past.


  14. Great post. I agree with all that you have said about our inheritance in Christ Jesus, and it far supersedes our greatest expectations. As you began, in the third paragraph, you quoted Eph. 1:18, “…the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints. Yes, you and I, as believers in Christ Jesus, have a glorious inheritance.” But that is not what Eph. 1:18 is talking about. It is referring to HIS IINHERITANCE in the saints. We have an inheritance in Him but He also has an inheritance in us. Have you considered what that inheritance is?


  15. Yes, that too. But ‘what is man that He is mindful of him?’ Gen. 1:26 says, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.’ Rom. 8 speaks of the sons of God being manifested. As the church, united in love, we are the corporate body of Christ, but as individuals we are sons. ‘To as many as received him, he gave power to become sons.’ John 1:12 Hebrews 12 speaks of His dealing with sons. Isa. 53:10,11 says that He will ‘see his seed, the travail of his soul, and be satisfied. God’s great desire is to fill the earth with sons manifesting His image and likeness. That will be His inheritance and His glory, and united they will be the bride of Christ.


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